What do high-flying women do to wind down at the weekends and mentally prepare for the working week ahead? We found out

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How do some of beauty and business’s most active bosses successfully make the switch from weekday to weekend mode? We gained a glimpse into 4 successful women’s end of week routines to find out.

From Saturday morning slumbers to Sunday evening prep, here’s how they diarise a bit of downtime to better equip both body and mind to deal with whatever challenges their packed working week schedules throw at them.

Rhian Stephenson, CEO and Instructor, PSYCLE London

“Having free time at the weekends has become incredibly precious since becoming CEO. I appreciate time off so much more now that I have such busy weeks!

I love having a pretty laid back Friday night - by the end of the week I'm craving relaxation and something to help me switch off, so I'll do either a PSYCLE or yoga class and then have a low key dinner with friends.

My Saturday mornings are pretty ritualistic. I lie in and then have coffee in bed with a paper, magazine or book - this is one of the things I absolutely love on weekends!

I also have a PT session every Saturday morning at 11, so by the time I get to lunch I feel great. My Saturday mornings are the few hours that I take completely for myself.

After that it varies a lot; I love cooking and don't have too much time to cook in the week, so at some point over the weekend I'll always cook with friends. I love going for Sunday brunch and usually do a class at some point, usually yoga because it's the thing I have less time and headspace for during the week. I have to work for at least a few hours each weekend to set myself up for the week, but I'll keep that to one of the days so that I have one completely work-free.

Every few weekends I'll get out to the country with some friends for a big run in nature (which is usually followed by a big, slow lunch!) - I find that getting out even for just a day is quite restorative and completely resets me. I've become much better at enjoying what London has to offer as well - theatre and exhibitions, amazing markets; I usually just go with how I feel and what I'm craving. Other than that, it's pretty simple - food, cooking, exercise, friends and wine(!).”

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Ruby Hammer, makeup artist

“When I was much younger, weekends were for lie-ins, but I also had a little one who is nearly 30 this November so I had lots to keep me busy. Nowadays, I try to keep to waking up at a similar time every day. Although at the weekends I am relaxed and may linger in bed for a while with tea and toast, I don't actually sleep in late. A good routine irrespective of a weekend or weekday means there is no stop-to-start jolts in your everyday living, which for me also involves travelling on shoots. I start my day with Elle Macpherson's The Super Elixir  in my cold-pressed juice of choice from Soho House called House Press, or a cold filtered water. I am not a big eater in the mornings, but am learning to have something to boost the metabolism.

For me, the ultimate luxury is not having to go anywhere, do anything or call anyone...but that's not very realistic. So weekends are for cleaning my brushes and re-organising my kit. I catch up on emails or features I have to reply to, but also catch up on TV, go through magazines or go to films. The most important thing though is to spend time with my husband and loved ones without the pressure to do anything.

I don't feel guilty if I am no longer superwoman

I always try to see Tinya, my back and wellbeing expert and fit in grooming like facials, my nails, deep cleansing and exfoliating and some exercise if possible too.

I also do chores like everyone to bring order to the coming week. I am a cleanliness freak, so doing laundry is soothing for me.

I never miss out on meditating and visiting my late parents’ graves at the cemetery to keep them looking neat and full of flowers. They showered so much love and blessings on me while they were alive - this is but a token of my love. I am always grateful for every day and what it brings. I don't feel guilty if I am no longer superwoman."

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Christiane Duigan, Director of Bodyism Global

“What I do on weekends has changed a lot for me over the years, especially now that we have children - but one thing has remained the same: it’s all about eating!

James and I have this in common and the Australian in us has a brunch culture. We wake up early (but can’t wait for the day the kids give us a lie in!) and take the family to Granger & Co for breakfast and then spend the rest of the day thinking/shopping for ingredients for the rest of the weekend.

We’ll go to our local farmers’ markets and get what is in season. I love taking the kids and showing and teaching them about all the different fruit and veg as well as talking to them about how the things we eat have an impact on how they feel and their energy levels and moods. We’ll then of course head to the playground and perhaps meet up with some friends.

I’ve been very busy over the past few years with the launch of our Bodyism Flagship in Notting Hill - designing new clothing collections and formulating new products - that the weekend is now all about spending and cherishing every minute with the children. London is full of wonderful things to do with them. I really try and make a conscious effort to stay off my phone and stay present to each moment.

I then really take time to relax and take a moment for myself and James once the kids are sleeping. I’ll usually sip on some ‘I am relaxed’ Bodyism tea , tuck into a chocolate brownie I’ve picked up during the day and watch a movie. On the occasional Saturday night, we’ll go and eat out at our favourite restaurant Zuma with some friends.”

Gabriela Hersham, Founder and CEO of Huckletree

“Any working mother can testify to how full the working week is. With meetings in the diary, team update sessions and never-ending emails to respond to, I never seem to have a second to breathe during the day.

So on the weekends, I just like to chill and be with my family. My weekends start with a solid workout at the gym on Friday evening and we then head to my father’s house to have dinner, which I always really look forward to. Daytimes we wake up as late as our baby allows us, take our dog and baby for long walks in one of the parks (our favourites are Battersea Park, Regent's Park and Kensington Gardens), enjoy nice lunches at our favourite spots (Farm Girl Café, The Good Life Eatery, Chiltern Firehouse, Farmacy - basically anywhere that's both baby and dog friendly!) and I try to find some time for yoga with my husband at De Rose Method .

On summertime Saturday evenings, we either meet friends in London or we bring some of them down to the countryside where my mother lives. It's lovely to wake up there with no noise and fresh air - and I appreciate it so much now that I have a baby.

Sundays are for strategy sessions, and my co-founder and our advisors often come over for brunch with their families which gives us the chance to brainstorm and strategise over scrambled eggs. It's actually one of my favourite parts of the weekend.

I try to get to bed relatively early on Sundays as our team meetings start at 8:30 promptly on Monday mornings - I've already walked the dog, fed the baby and had 3 flat whites by that time!”

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Sarah Chapman, Facialist and Founder of Skinesis

“At the weekends I often play ‘catch up’ on the week. I love to go for a brisk walk in the park and spend some time strolling up and down the King’s Road near home in Chelsea. Sometimes I like to get out of London and visit a Mr and Mrs Smith favourite in the Cotswolds for some country air, relaxation and ‘spa’ing.’ Weekends are also a time to catch up with friends and enjoy lazy breakfasts at home or in my local cafés.

I love boutique spa hotels, most recently Dormy House, and I am looking forward to visiting Soho Farmhouse. A weekend away is always a good way to relax and clear the mind, I love Sha Wellness in Spain, any European city breaks, the Capri Palace Hotel or a family weekend at my parents’ in Spain. A change of scenery is always good for the mind.

I have a simple but effective skincare routine starting with cleansing to help refresh the skin and followed by my Skinesis Stem Cell Collagen Activator , Eye Recovery , Age-Repair Concentrate , Dynamic Defence Concentrate  and Morning Facial  (a gorgeous daytime facial elixir, inspired by my Overnight Facial) - it seems like a lot but I believe in layering and it only takes a moment. I also focus on my chest area which is ageing! So I always apply my Neck and Chest Complex . I finish with Skin Insurance , when needed, for added SPF 30 protection and skin perfecting. My makeup routine is quick: I use mostly Chanel - base: Vitalumière Aqua , pink cream blush, mascara, blue eyeliner and lip gloss and then I take my supplements to help retain moisture and oils in my skin and keep it in tip top condition.”

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