The Body Coach has been meal prepping an entire Lean in 15 vegetarian plan. If you’re looking for veggie recipe inspo for training and rest days, preheat the oven…

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He’s pulled off probably the biggest PR campaign possible for broccoli (a 25 per cent rise in ‘midget tree’ sales in 2016 was attributed to The Body Coach plan ) and his penchant for sweet potato  is well known, but now the bank of #VeggieLeanin15 recipes is set to widen, with today's launch of Joe Wicks’ new Veggie Lean in 15  book.

In case you're dreading a book full of brussels sprouts, Joe has recently been uploading such Lean in 15 delights as “meatless meatballs”, veggie frittatas, curried carrots and burrata with bruschetta (swanky) to drum up interest for the launch. The plan has been in development for a while according to Joe and it's smashed his already impressive book results before it's even hit the shelves - it's been pre-ordered more than  the original Lean in 15 plan , which is thus far the biggest selling diet book of all time. Essentially, he's the cheery, cheeky J.K Rowling of health and fitness. Here’s the lowdown on what you need to know about the Lean in 15 Veggie Plan .

Your favourite dishes have been "veggified"

You won’t be limited to a nut roast this Christmas. In Joe's own words, "veggie food is decent when you get it right", and while Wicks isn't going totally plant-based anytime soon, he's the most excited by this book launch than he ever has been:

"I’m gonna say it: I really do think this is my best one yet and the recipes are all absolute worldies. This isn’t a book trying to turn you veggie, as you know I still love a burger and steak, but it’s a great stepping stone for people who want to try to get more veggies into their diet."

Joe's out to prove that there's more to meat-free than omelettes and while we expect eggs, the fact that so many of the recipes are also be vegan indicates that Wicks’ approach to plant-based is more adventurous than simply whisking up some yolks. To whet your appetite, recipes include spinach and ricotta ravioli with salsa verde, smoky sweet potato chilli and vegan banana split. It's the kind of homey comfort food you've come to expect from The Body Coach, along with ideas for the pre-requisite meal prep . The recipes are also designed to have mass appeal, serving vegans, veggies, flexitarians and Meat Free Monday  followers alike, and they’re perfectly balanced to cater for workout days and rest days. As the title implies, the recipes are also quick to make (15 minutes is genuinely attainable target).

There's an eco focus

In addition to the convenience factor, Joe's motivations for his new book go beyond simple fuel:

"It will help you to live healthier, save you money, help you use less plastic, waste less food, help the the environment and make a real impact on your life for the better."

That's quite a tagline but given how many copies he's sold already there's clearly a huge appetite to cut down on meat, and considering that he's been deemed the second most influential figure in the UK food industry, his move away from meat towards appealing and quick plant-based meals could have a profound impact on our cooking habits.

There's 100 veggie recipes

25 of which cater for vegans too.

You’re getting more Body Coach workouts

Veggie Lean in 15 includes three new and exclusive  Body Coach HIIT workouts,  with a bonus ab set for dessert, so to speak. The whirlwind that is Joe Wicks looks to be showing no signs of slowing down…

Veggie Lean in 15, £8.49, buy it now 

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