Project Bikini has become Project Me. Editor-in-Chief of Get The Gloss Susannah Taylor explains the name change

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We launched Project Bikini earlier this year, and it has been a storming success. The feedback we’ve had from you has been incredible, and the results have been, in some cases, life-changing. So many of you have toned up and gained body definition and in many cases lost excess pounds, but what has astounded us is the awesome feedback regarding the way you feel. ‘More energy,’ say many, ‘I’ve become a morning person’ shout others, and in one lady’s case a total cessation of crippling anxiety and life long panic attacks.

And so with this in mind we have decided that this plan should be way more than about looking good in the summer months – it is an empowering health plan for life, which is why we have renamed it PROJECT ME . We have also extended the guide to include a further 12 weeks of exercise from Nike Master Trainer Joslyn Thompson-Rule as well as many other expert health advice and tips, taking the plan to 24 weeks long.

I know from my own experience  that taking charge of my health has been one of the most empowering decisions I have ever made, and here at Get The Gloss we are passionate about encouraging others to do the same. I also know that being healthy is not about crash diets or frantic exercise two weeks before you hit the beach. These diets don’t work, and they don’t create lasting change.

A health plan only really works if you find one that works for life and fits into your life. Project Me IS this plan. it is a nutrition and exercise plan  made by busy women, for busy women - women with a social life, a family and hectic jobs - which is why we have devised exercise regimes that max out on efficacy in minimum time (each is only 30 minutes long) and every recipe is easy to throw together and delicious enough to share with your family and friends.

In our mad, technology-driven, computer/phone-bound lives we crave time for ourselves.  What better way of spending that time than getting back to basics and bettering our health? Remember, the best project you will ever work on is you.

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