You could win an hour of one-to-one training with the mastermind behind our Project Me fitness guide Joslyn Thompson-Rule. Find out how below...

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Are you looking to get abs like Alba and booty like Beyoncé? Then you need a workout session with Nike Master Trainer  Joslyn Thompson-Rule  - the mastermind behind our 24-week exercise plan in our  Project Me guide .

Having been pumping iron in the industry for 12 years and working previously as both a personal trainer and sports therapist, there’s nobody more qualified to help whip a burnt out body into shape than Joslyn.

Known for expertly putting people through their paces - not to mention  beautifying the behind  of our very own Imogen Edwards-Jones , it’s not just in the gym where Joslyn proves her prowess. An established educator in the field of health and fitness, she also lectures at seminars and runs regular training and nutrition workshops, not to mention travels globally on behalf of Nike to teach trainers, choreograph videos and photo shoots and leads major fitness events.

As you can imagine then, Joslyn’s wide workout wisdom can make her a difficult expert to pin down. However, we’ve managed to secure a window of her time for a Get The Gloss reader to experience an exclusive one-to-one hour-long training session in London.From asking your burning body busting questions to mastering how to expertly squat, lunge and plank, this is the ideal opportunity to get the know-how you need to kickstart your journey to getting a hot, happy and healthy body.

All you have to do is simply download Parts 1 and 2 of our fabulous  Project Me guide  in order to be in with a chance of winning. The guide itself offers readers a fantastic compilation of 32 delicious and nutritious recipes, 24 weeks of fitness routines and a plethora of handy hints, tips and motivation from leading industry experts. So, whether you’re a seasoned exercise junkie or a nervous newbie looking to get started, this is a wellness opportunity not to be missed.

Buy your copy of  Project Me here  to be in with a chance of winning this exclusive training session.

Terms and conditions

The closing date for entries is Thursday 13th August.

This training session must be booked within one month of winning competition (before 13th September 2015).

The training session will take place in a central London park (times and locations can be clarified after winner has been announced).

If winner is based outside of London and is unable to travel there, Joslyn Thompson-Rule is able to do a one-to-one Skype Q&A session.

Entrants must be 18 or over to qualify.

Entrants must have purchased Project Me (Parts 1 & 2) to be entered.

Once a winner has been announced Joslyn Thompson-Rule will be in contact with a detailed questionnaire to cover any questions/concerns.