Your next run just got a lot more comfortable, not to mention futuristic…

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If the Jetsons wore trainers, we’ve no doubt they’d be achieving PBs in space thanks to the slightly mind bending new Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 ‘self lacing’ sports shoe.

A pioneering invention of Nike Senior Innovators Tinker Hatfield (never a more appropriate name for a gamechanger in our book) and Tiffany Beers, the Hyperadapt 1.0 brings the very best of digital, mechanical and electrical engineering right to your feet by responding to your shape, size and stride, each time you slip them on.

Featuring a sensor in the heel that automatically tightens when you put them on, the trainers allow you to ‘micro adapt’ the fit, thanks so to two slick buttons on the side that give you the option to tighten and loosen to achieve a ‘just right’ fit. No more saggy laces or strangled toes to distract you from your goal, and while the adjustment is currently manual, Nike’s objective is to advance the product’s development so that the trainer’s ‘come alive’, logging your every move and sensing when you need extra support for a sprint. For now, however, Nike are surging into an ‘era of personalised performance’ that could spur on both professional and everyday athletes to realize even greater sporting feats.

You’ll be able to get your hands (feet) on the shoes come the Christmas season, but initially the shoes will be exclusively available to Nike+ members. All the more reason to download the new incarnation of the app, in which the ‘+’ equates to even more personal functionalities. Your new ‘Feed’ showcases tailored to you training tips, information and inspiration from Nike athletes and icons, while the ‘My Store’ tab taps into your style and sporting preferences, with expertise on hand 24/7 regarding recommendations and customisation options. Connect seamlessly to the Nike+Run Club, Nike+Training Club and Nike+SNKRS app, speak with a Nike+ expert directly or make an appointment in your nearest Nike store in a flash (you can also skip the queue when you’re shopping), the new app looks to be nothing short of awesome. Nike news, including upcoming events and experiences, will also whizz their way to your ‘app’ inbox. The freshfaced Nike+ launches in June, so we’ll let you know the lowdown when we’ve had a play, but the future looks seriously fit from where we’re standing.

Also in the pipeline is state-of-the-art upgrade of the original Nike Air Max and mud repelling football boots. Really. That ‘Just Do It’ mantra is clearly motivating the crew at HQ too.

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