From mouth-watering recipes to decoding the digestive system, Diana Sanfilippo’s all inclusive cookbook has it all

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When it comes to decoding the paleo diet, it’s not unusual to get lost in a murky mindfield of contradictions and confusing health advice. Enter Practical Paleo, the cookbook and advice guru from Diana Sanfilippo that’s your one stop shop for all things paleo. From delicious recipes to easy-to-understand answers, this practical guide has all the know-how you need to change your diet, and your life, for a healthier, happier you.

Beginning with the basics, Practical Paleo starts by explaining the what, why and how behind the diet. Diana outlines clearly what you should and should not be eating in easy-to-understand, colour coded guides, and even includes a food quality guide which lets you know the difference between baseline (commercial eggs) and best (pasture-raised, local eggs) for all meat, eggs and dairy. There’s also a warning against government guidelines, a practical paleo Q&A and a look at the science behind decoding the digestive system.

An array of delicious 30 day meal plans ensure you are never at a loss for gorgeous grub, and a series of stand-alone recipes hold your hand through all the basics to ensure culinary success every time. From chorizo meatballs and pan-seared scallops to mashed ‘faux-tatoes’ and moo-less chocolate mousse, Practical Paleo helps make chopping and changing your diet less daunting and more delicious than ever before. Whether a seasoned pro or a total paleo virgin, Practical Paleo is all the advice you’ll ever need for a complete health and happiness overhaul.

Practical Paleo by Diana Sanfilippo, £27.50, available to  buy online