Missed our latest Project Bikini event at The Juicery? Catch up here...

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Earlier this week, we hit the kitchen with The Juicery to create our very own bespoke Get The Gloss juice for Project Bikini. The result? A delicious blend of orange, beetroot juice, carrots, turmeric and mint that we decided was just too good not to share. So this morning, Get The Gloss hosted a breakfast for our readers, featuring our special bottle of healthy goodness.

Once everybody had finished feasting, guests settled to listen to our special panel discuss all things health, fitness and nutrition. The line-up included Get The Gloss Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor, Christina Howells and Charli Cohen of That Girl and healthy living entrepreneur Jenna Zoe.

Hosting the discussion, Susannah asked our guests if six weeks was enough time to make a difference to your body. Jenna said: “Six weeks is a long time to maintain willpower, so pick three things, master that and build from there. Willpower is a finite resource so go slow - it takes time to break a habit.” She recommend starting by cutting out salt, as it retains water and can therefore be bloating, switch to non-dairy milk, or cut out that evening glass of wine. Charli also noted that alcohol can slow everything down in the system, so cutting it out “makes a difference to your digestion and your training plan.”

However, training also requires willpower, and keeping yourself motivated can prove to be very difficult. Christina suggests setting a goal and writing it down, or establish a contract with a personal trainer. Charli also believes it’s important to track progress and everybody should take time to celebrate small milestones, “don’t be hard on yourself”, she urged.

Both That Girl experts recommend working out around three or four times a week, especially if you’re doing high intensity resistance training. Though Christina added that it’s important to get up and walk around during the day. Equally important is the food that you eat, as Jenna noted, “nutrition is four fifths of the game”. She believes that the food you should eat is all dependent on your personal digestive system.

She said: “If training in the evening makes you feel sick then stick to morning training especially if you have a delicate digestive system. If you have to train in the evening stick to foods that are easy to digest, such as yoghurt, rather than a salad.”

If you missed out on today’s event, don’t let it happen again. Take a look at our  special Project Bikini events  and sign up for one of our reader events. Act quickly - places are filling up fast.