The hour before you go to sleep and the hour after you wake up are key to the quality of your sleep, says personal trainer Max Lowery, creator of the 2 Meal Day,  a self-confessed light sleeper and a man who has made it a mission to discover the secrets of good quality shuteye.

He has researched sleep patterns and our body’s circadian rhythms, to find the best way of tapping into our natural energy without needing caffeine. It's a philosophy he shares with clients on his website   and  YouTube channel.

In this video, he shares a few simple tweaks to your pre-bedtime and wake-up routine which will help you fall asleep instantly, optimise the quality of your sleep, and stop you waking feeling groggy.

They aren’t necessarily what you’d expect; if you’re in love with your weekend lie-in, you could be in for a surprise, but waking at the same time every day for the past six months has completely transformed his life, says Max.

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