It’s really hard to maintain a fitness regime, particularly if you’re starting from scratch. A couple of years ago, Susannah decided to start getting fit. She was the type of person that would join the gym and cancel after a few weeks then begin a yoga class only to quit that also after a few sessions – we’ve all been there.

This time, Susannah has been successful and has kept up her fitness regime for the last two years. She currently exercises two or three times a week and has developed a passion for it. She believes it has enhanced and changed her life – she’s less stressed, has less body fat, a better stomach, less of a muffin top, feels happier and works better – the benefits are endless.

If you aren’t currently exercising, Susannah strongly recommends that you do it. However, many people put off exercise with numerous excuses. In this video, Susannah takes the top ten excuses and counteracts them, proving that everybody can make space in their lives for fitness.

Excuse 1: “I don’t know how to start”

When Nike came up with their phrase, “just do it”, they encapsulated all that there is to getting started. You don’t have to be an athlete or have a special technique (need we remind you of Phoebe in that Friends episode) – you just start. Walk outside your front door. Susannah recommends Ruth Field’s book, ‘Run Fat Bitch, Run’, which states there are no excuses.

Excuse 2: “ I don’t have time”

Everybody has time. If Barack Obama can find the time to exercise and if Beyonce can find the time to exercise so can you. You can find time if you really want to. Susannah currently commutes from Oxfordshire to London, is a mother, a wife and works on startup Get The Gloss. She’s extremely busy, but she always finds the time. She also claims that exercise in fact helps her with her working life. Previous research has proven that if you do a workout and come back to your work, you will be much more efficient and get it completed in a shorter space of time.

Excuse 3: “My boobs are too big”

Shock Absorber  bras are brilliant at providing support. As Susannah says: “You don’t have a disability, you have a chest.” There are also many alternatives to running – cycling, swimming, pilates – but do not use it as an excuse.

Excuse 4: “I’m too tired”

One of the biggest tips in ‘Run Fat Bitch, Run’ is that no matter how you feel, go out there and do it anyway. If you are extremely tired or suffer from insomnia, exercise isn’t recommended. However, if it’s more that you don’t ‘feel right’, down, or just blergh, it doesn’t matter – go out and do it anyway because the exercise will make you feel so much better. Every time you finish a workout, you will come back feeling clear-headed and able to cope.

Excuse 5: “Everyone will look at me”

This is not a great excuse because there are some annoying people in gyms . We’ve all seen those posers - especially men. Sorry, but it’s true. There are lots of guys in the gym, looking at themselves in the mirrors, posing with weights. BUT, you’re in this to do it for yourself. So, stop thinking about what people think about how you look or your performance. Do what you do to the best of your ability and you’ll start to get fitter and more confident. You could also go out and buy yourself some new kit. A lot of people complain about not having the right kit. By having nice sportswear, you can instantly feel better. Wearing those old clothes to the gym won’t make you feel good and may affect your motivation. Also, make sure to invest in a good pair of trainers and sports bra. You will feel a lot better about going to the gym and feel good.

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Excuse 6: “I can’t afford it”

A lot of people complain about not being able to afford the gym or a personal trainer, but you don’t have to. If you can move, you can exercise. You don’t even need to go to the gym. You can go running by yourself, join a running group, park runs or even download an app. There are lots of things available. A good app to get you started is My Fitness App or the Nike app . They have tons of free workouts that you can do at home.

Excuse 7: “I’m too far gone. I might as well eat cakes”

Really bad excuse. Everybody has to start from somewhere. Susannah recommends Instagram account ‘Change and Transformation’. This profile shows people before and after their fitness and health journeys and the results are incredible. Exercise is hard but this is something that people have to get used to. It’s harder to train and eat healthy than watch TV and eat cake, but it’s pushing yourself that makes you feel good.

Excuse 8: “But I have an injury”

Last year, Susannah snapped a ligament in her knee. Recovery took a year but during this time, she managed to keep fit and began swimming with a float between her legs. She would work on her upper body to avoid losing her fitness. There’s always something you can do. Or, even use your injury as a means for developing a different skill. For example, if you injure your legs, work on your core and work on getting a stronger stomach. If you’re injured, don’t overwork yourself as injuries always need to heal and recover, but there’s always something you can do.

Excuse 9: “I can’t run. I can’t exercise. It’s just not me”

If you can move, you can exercise. Sometimes schools can be guilty of telling children which sports are for them, which can be damaging and stick with them for life.

Excuse 10: “Exercise is bad for you”

Exercise is good. The benefits are incredible, both physically and mentally. From weight loss to toning up to feeling good in your bikini – the benefits are absolutely endless. Exercise can change your life. It is hard but you have to learn to push yourself and get used to discomfort. Exercise hurts, you get out of breath, you sweat, your muscles ache but it’s when that happens that change happens, so you have to get used to being in that zone. Learn to push yourself.