Over the last three years, Susannah has improved her fitness levels, which has led her to completing two triathlons and cycling around Ibiza last year. She strongly believes that fitness has transformed her life; it de-stresses her, allows her to feel more confident in herself and encourages her to eat better.

At this time of the year, it can be difficult to stay motivated. To keep herself going, Susannah focuses on how she’ll feel after the workout and whichever goal she’s working towards. By overriding any negative thoughts or feelings, you’ll be one step closer towards your target; all it takes is putting on some trainers and stepping outside.

Susannah strongly advocates that you’ll always feel amazing after a workout. Research has proven that if you take an hour out of your day to complete exercise, you’ll work a lot more efficiently than those who do not; proving it is beneficial to you in numerous ways.

She also recommends sorting out a playlist for your workout. Music can assist a workout in many ways; for example, you’ll find motivation in running to the beat and when the song lifts, it’ll lift your spirit. Additionally, you should find the type of workout that you’ll enjoy, whether that’s dancing, yoga, swimming, or anything else. If you find that you’re dragging yourself to exercise, you’ll never want to do it. Try to mix it up and you’ll look forward to a different workout every time.

No matter how pressed for time you may be, you will always fit a workout into your day if you really want to make a change. Before you know it, a couple of months will have passed and you’ll begin to see changes to your body, whether that’s weight loss, toning up or more definition.

Finally, one of the other ways Susannah keeps motivated is by purchasing fun and stylish kit. Find the products she mentioned below…

Sweaty Betty Adrenaline Run Capri , £80

H&M Sports Top in black and mint green , £7.99

Sweaty Betty Athelete Vest in supernova , £29

Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Sports Bra in pink , £40

Lucas Hugh Flash Lightweight Stretch Leggings, no longer available. Alternatives found here .

Nike Pro Classic Women’s Sports Bra in volt , £22

Nike Legendary Lava Tight Women’s Training Trousers , £80

Hey Jo Classic Leggings in liquorice , £105

Adidas Women’s Ultra Boost Shoes , £130:

Foam roller , £13.49

Everlast Velcro Pro Style Training Glove , price dependent on size

Run Fat Bitch Run , from £3.99

iPod Shuffle , £38.99

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