Annette became one of five brave women to discuss her story as part of Estee Lauder Companies 2014 Breast Cancer Awareness video campaign, designed to inspire and empower women worldwide to share their stories and to encourage them to check themselves more regularly.

In her video, Annette talks about losing her mother to breast cancer and shares the difficult moment when she had to break the news to her sister that she too was undergoing testing. Heartwarming, frank and surprisingly funny, the video is an unobtrusive and honest record of a conversation between Annette and her sister about the trails breast cancer brings and the bravery it takes to overcome them. The proud auntie tells her sister how thankful she is for her family and how their support has ensured she stay strong and keep fighting, and ends with the heartwarming line: ‘I don’t feel embarassed - I can be my lopsided self and they still treat me the same’.

Watch Annette’s story and  share your own  using the hashtag #BCAstrength. You can also check out stories from  Paula  and  Cordelia

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