In a video which sees her mother discussing the diagnosis of her daughter with breast cancer, Cordelia shares her story in the hope of getting other women just like her to check themselves for lumps or abnormalities in the hope of preventing the devestating effects of the disease.

Describing how difficult they found visiting the breast care clinic when most other women Cordelia’s age were there supporting mothers and grandmothers with breast cancer, Cordelia and her mother share the frank reality of living with other people’s reaction to the disease. Describing how persistent questions and a tendency to assume all breast cancer cases were the same totally ‘wore us out’, Cordelia shares her experiences of writing a blog about dating after breast cancer and anecdotes about family life in the hope that by sharing her story other women will feel inspired to do the same.

Watch Cordelia’s story and  share your own  stories below or by using the hashtag #BCAstrength. You can also check out stories from  Paula  and  Annette

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