Around 70% of us either know someone who has fought breast cancer or have battled against the disease ourselves, making it the most common form of cancer in the UK.

New research revealed by Estee Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness revealed that 40% of women have been inspired by the stories of others around us, leading 41% of this group to examine their breasts more regularly.

So, Estee Lauder have set out to get even more of us conscious and checking. Taking a unique approach to storytelling, the beauty brand has enlisted five strong women to discuss their experiences one-on-one with a loved one and to unveil the stories behind the statistics.

The video includes heart-rending moments, such as the time one of the women discovered a lump when she was in bed and told her husband, a mother’s worry about not being around to look after her daughter, who has breast cancer, and the time that a daughter found out her mother had been diagnosed on the night of her prom.

By letting us in on a glimmer of their lives, each woman’s strength and bravery shines through, as does the support and love of their counterparts as they share their stories in powerful, yet incredibly real, way.

So now, we’re encouraging you to share yours. Share your story if you or somebody close to you has been through breast cancer using the hashtag #BCAstrength.

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