Say goodbye to boring lumpy porridge as Amelia Freer shows us how to make her delicious chia version. In this third instalment of her cooking series, Amelia’s clever recipe will leave you looking forward to breakfast.

Everybody is intimidated with how to make nut milk, but here, Amelia shares her quick and extremely easy method.

To make the nut milk, you’ll need:

Hazelnut butter or a nut butter of your choice



- Take a jar of any of your favourite nut butter and put 2 tablespoons into your blender

- Add one glass full of water and blend

Amelia recommends adding a pinch of cinnamon or vanilla to flavour the milk. And that’s your nut milk done! As simple as it is tasty.

To make the porridge, you’ll need:

Chia seeds

Nut milk (that you made following the previous recipes)



- Take 1 tablespoon of chia seeds and pour it into a jar

- Pour your nut milk over the chia seeds

- Leave to soak for around 10-20 minutes (don’t worry if it seems slimy – the nut milk will give it a creamy richness)

- Pour into your serving bowl

- Get your fresh figs and chop into small quarters. Place on top of the chia seeds