Move right over Starbucks - the coolest hangouts in NYC right now are Juice Press, a group of raw, vegan, kosher and cold pressed juice and smoothie bars (there are now 14 in total with another now set to open in the Hamptons). Loved by Supermodel Erin Heatherton, Actress Megan Fox, Rooney Mara and Kate Hudson to name a few, (not to mention downtown girls like myself) these girls can’t survive without their juices. We pressed founder Marcus Antebi for all the juice.

MM: What made you start Juice press?

MA: I was very into the raw lifestyle, but I couldn't find a commercial operation that had the quality or range of products that I liked. I realized that I had to build something to address those needs.

MM: What where you doing before?

MA: I was in the arts & antiques retail business.

MM: How important is juicing for you and how has it changed your life?

MA: Juicing is extremely important to me. Over the years it has helped me maintain a high level of health & fitness that is crucial to my happiness.

MM: How often to you drink your own Juice Press juices?

MA: Every single day.

MM: Where do you get your organic fruits and veggies?

MA: We have one main distributor and they procure their produce from local farms when the season permits or from other organic growers.

MM: Why is it so important that they are organic?

MA: Whether or not it is scientifically proven that organics are superior nutritionally, organic produce is free from the thousands of commonly used pesticides and is not genetically modified. Therefore, the impression we have of organic produce is that it is a higher quality product. It is a choice that one makes if one can afford to. It is my right to pay for the perception that it is a more wholesome product, even if the science hasn't completely proven it yet.

MM: What’s your favorite juice and why?

MS: Dr. Green and Spicy Citrus are my favorites because I am a creature of habit. When I'm on vacation and away from Juice Press, I would pay $1000 for any one of my juices.

MM: When you're not drinking or making juice or opening more shops all over NYC what can we find you doing?

MA: Spending time with my daughter and my beautiful girlfriend or in the gym.

MM: Can you give me your favorite juice recipe so GTG girls can make it at home?

MA: Lucky 7: carrot, pineapple, pear, orange, ginger, beet, and lemon.  Seven ingredients that create a complicated and unique juice. It will convince your friends that you are a true juice aficionado.

MM: How much experimenting goes into each new juice concoction - is there a juice chef or who dreams them up?

MA: Formulas are invented/designed by Head Chef Daniel Sage and myself, usually based upon interesting ingredients or ideas that we encounter in our journeys. We spend a lot of time and money on research and innovation for all our products.

MM: What are your general survival tips for keeping in great shape in the city?

MA: Leave out processed food.

Reduce intake of animal protein.

Don't eat late at night.

No alcohol.

No drugs.

Excessive exercise.

MM: You are stranded on a desert island and can only take 5 things with you what would they be?

MA: Cell phone


My daughter

My girlfriend

Solar powered generator

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