Devised by Christina Howells of ThatGirl, the online health and fitness programme she runs with sportswear designer Charli Cohen, this exercise is designed to tighten and tone your waist and inner thighs as well as your upper body. Tag it on to your That Girl workout weeks one to three  or weeks four to six  for extra sculpting.


Start in a side plank, elevated on right hand and both right and left foot. The right leg is extended under the left so the feet are staggered. Lift your hips high to create a diagonal line.


Draw your right knee towards your chest and then extend the leg out straight in front. Reverse the movement to return to the start position keeping the height of the hips and waist lifted throughout.

Repeat 8-12 times, working up to 20

Hot Body Tip: Keep the shoulder in line with the wrist and neck long. You can modify by simply bringing the knee to the chest until you are strong enough for the full move – it’s a hard one.


Directed by Susannah Taylor

Filmed and produced by

Makeup and hair - Camila Fez

Model - Kate Braithwaite at W Athletic

Assistant  - Katie Robertson