We may not all be lucky enough to have a personal trainer, but here at GTG we have the very next best thing - over the next six weeks, personal training sensation Freedom2Train will be bringing you their body-blitzing workout videos , straight to your laptop.

We are fully aware that women don’t all come in the same shape and size, and while one woman’s despair might be her bingo wings, another’s might be her bottom. With this in mind we have created the following:

1. A main workout video that everyone should follow (above) at least 3-4 times a week (please note we will add a harder workout at 4-6 weeks to take up the pace)


THE SQUAT: Repeat 15 times

THE LUNGE GET-UP: Repeat 10 times with each leg

MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS: Continue the exercise for 30 seconds

JUMPING TOE-TAPS: Continue for 30 seconds

SHOULDER TAPS: Repeat 10 times with each leg

2. We have also created a leg, core, bum and arm video (see below) to target your personal troublesome zones. Just tag the one you want to target onto the end of each workout.

Remember - you can’t out-train a bad diet. Follow nutritional therapist Amelia Freer’s six week nutritional plan  here too...

How are you getting on? Tweet us @ GettheGloss  and remember to hashtag #ProjectBikini


Directed by Susannah Taylor
Film and production:  Pocket Motion Pictures
Model: Triathlete Katie Murray and training physio at  puresportsmed.com
Make-up and grooming: Camila Fernandez  www.camilafernandez.co.uk
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