Exercise 1: The Clock

Imagine you are inside a clock. Stand on one foot and move the other forward to twelve, backwards to six, out the three then behind to nine. Repeat ten times.

Exercise 2: The Hip Rotator

Go up on to one leg and put your arms out to the side for balance. Rotate your hips clockwise for ten seconds, then do the same in an anticlockwise motion. Repeat ten on each leg.

Exercise 3: The Crawl

Go down to the floor and assume a crawl position. Crawl forward ten metres keeping your shoulders back, your core tight and your hips as low to the ground as possible. Then do the same with a backwards motion. Repeat forwards and backwards ten times.

Exercise 4: The Crab Walk

Assume the position, lift your toes and use your arms and feet together to crabwalk forward ten metres. Make sure to keep your toes off the floor and your shoulders retracted, you can walk backwards too. Repeat ten times.

Exercise 5: Ys and Ts

Go into a lunge, raising your arms out to the side in a ‘Y’ position as you step forwards, and then up the next time you move into a ‘T’ position. This is great for linking the lower and upper body and helping to retract the shoulders. Repeat ten on each leg.


Model: Portia Freeman

Hair and makeup: Camilla Fez

Clothes by Lucas Hugh

Directed by Susannah Taylor

Film produced by pocketmotionpictures.com