What is HIIT?

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) exercise is sweeping the world as the most effective way to work out, tone up and lose weight. In this video, Steve Mellor,  personal trainer and founder of  exercise and nutrition company Freedom2Train tells us what it is and why it really works.

Follow the Freedom2Train bespoke ‘2014 HIIT workout’ below 3 times a week to increase fitness levels and burn fat. It can be done inside in the gym (sprinting on a treadmill) or outside. There is no equipment required.

'The 2014'

If you are a beginner, do as many rounds as possible of the below for 10 minutes. If you are already used to high intensity training, do as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes. See below for information on how to do each exercise correctly.

20 metre sprint

14 burpees

20 metre sprint

14 squats

20 metre sprint

14 walking lunges (7 with each leg)

20 metre sprint

14 plank push ups

The key is to do the above as fast as you can. Remember, if you can talk then you’re not doing it fast enough!

How to do…

... a burpee

Drop into a squat position and place hands on the ground in front if you. Kick your feet back whilst keeping your arms extended. Immediately return your feet to the squat position and stand up.

...a squat

Start in standing position, feet hip width apart, toes slightly pointing outwards. Bend your knees, pushing them out to the sides as you lower your bottom southwards. Keep your chest high as you try and get your bottom as low as possible before standing up again.

...a walking lunge

Stand feet hip width apart and step the right foot as far forwards as you can, bending the knee whilst the other is positioned bent toward the floor behind. Keep your back as upright as possible. Step your back left leg forwards to meet the right one (hip width apart again) before stepping the left one forwards. Keep repeating.

…a plank push-up

Start in the plank position, with all of your weight distributed between your forearms and your toes. Your back should be flat and your feet shoulder width apart. Push your arms straight into the push-up position before lowering back down into the plank. Ensure you repeat on alternate sides.


Directed by Susannah Taylor

Produced by Pocket Motion Pictures

Model and athlete Jenny Pacey at W Athletic

Clothes by  Lucas Hugh 

Hair and make-up by Camila Fez

Location - with thanks to  CrossFit South London