In these somewhat repetitive days something that marks each day different from the others is welcomed - and we always know it's Saturday when the latest of our Jessica Ennis-Hill workout series drops.

Today it's week three of our four week series and Jess has once more created a 20 minute full-body workout circuit from her home. The workout is a little taste of the content that is on her fitness exercise app  Jennis , which features pre-and postnatal workouts as well as general fitness, combining both cardio and strength, based on HIIT principles.

What's in the workout

We think this one might be the most challenging yet - as with week one  and week two , you do each exercise in the set for 25-30 seconds followed by a ten-second recovery with a 60-second rest between each.

This week's circuit comprises dumbbell punches, flutter kicks, step-out lunges, sit-ups, high knees, planks and squat rotations. It sounds challenging (and it is!) but Jess' encouragment (and the fact that she does the whole session too) will see you through.

The key thing about Jennis workouts is that they're never more than 30 minutes and many require no equipment - meaning they are easier into your daily life. This was important to Jess when she became a mum (even more. so now with the challenge of home-schooling) and had to make best use of limited time to herself.

For more information on Jennis, Jessica Ennis-Hill’s fitness exercise app head to  and follow Jennis Fitness  @WeAreJennis

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