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On Thursday 23rd June, Uranus conjuncts Ceres in Aries, your own birth sign. In April, your world turned upside down for a week or two, and you woke up to find yourself in a completely different universe, where your image, name, profile or identity was concerned. It may have been about the way you physically appear. It may have been about your reputation. Now, as June draws to a close, you hit the second stage of this long process of change. What has brought about this change? Sometimes you need a person from your past to appear, to remind you of who you once were, and how you were once regarded. Maybe it takes two people from your past to do that, or more. The new you becomes a version of the old you – the you that had been buried. Other reasons for the revolution may be professional. You have a new gig, you need a new look. Or – some people regard your old style or presentation as out of step with the demands of some new project or task. Aries, I won’t go on, because you have your own personal story here. Just remember that with Uranus, the revolution is never complete. Ceres is the other key player this week. She always raises questions about how power should be shared, and whor what should be in control, at what time. This may be about your teeth. It may be about the labels you stick on yourself. If you can find some way to meet others halfway, share or compromise (even with the universe) your life will be happier.


If you are typical of your sign, then over the last five years, you have been tempted to go behind other people’s backs and do something remarkably sneaky, surreptitious – and satisfyingly successful. Snake in the grass? Well, why ever not? Of course most Taureans have resisted the temptation, as they are good and honest creatures who would never stoop to such subterfuge. Nevertheless, you would not be human if you had not been tempted. If you were born in April or May, you may have succumbed of course, and probably paid the price. In all cases, though, the focus this week is once again on what you do behind the scenes, under wraps or far away from other people’s eyes and ears. This is where the thrills are. It’s where the excitement is. The Shock of the New, to quote Robert Hughes. What is different, though, to that sense of awakening and great change that you saw in April? The answer rests with the new need for compromise. For sharing. You may be carving up this inner world, or this great secret, with the universe – or other people.


In April you experienced the full thrust of Uranus in Aries, in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. Nothing will ever be the same again. A friendship or group situation which had confined and restricted you more than you may have ever realised, is over. You have seen an old group or circle of friends, perhaps dating from your very distant past, reconstructed in a new way. Your standard view of an old friend, or the way friends relate to each other, has altered forever. Maybe a new circle sprung up in your life, featuring familiar faces, but joined together in new patterns. All of this has been confronting and exhilarating, and it is also two months behind you. What next? Well, the presence of Ceres in Aries this week suggests that friendship and group thinking are on your agenda again. This time there must be agreement about the best way to share control or power in a very highly charged situation. It is rather like being in Blur a few years ago and trying to figure out the dynamics, the time, the energy, the roles, rights and responsibilities. Another example might be John Cleese’s experiences in Monty Python in the Sixties. He had the same cycle then, that you are having now. Monty Python became far more powerful once individual power bases had been figured out. Can a group of friends change a corner of the world? That one did. The satire movement of the Sixties in Britain changed comedy and it also altered politics. Peter Cook, who also had the same cycle you are experiencing now, was involved in the ensemble cast of Beyond The Fringe and with his good friend Dudley Moore, under the same Uranus patterns you are experiencing today. One clue about this cycle? Forget normal or ordinary. Go for new, different and radical. And – never forget what unity can achieve. (Once you’ve figured out how to share the microphone).


Uranus and Ceres (often ignored in astrology, but a planet the equivalent of Pluto) now dominate your horoscope. These two players are change merchants. Prepare to be changed, and also embrace change. This isn’t the first time. What you experienced in April has permanently altered the way you see your role, goal, industry, project, plan, title, business or subject. Despite the disruption that month, you were also liberated from places, people, situations or organisations which were far more restrictive than you may have realised. In fact, the difference in the last two months is so substantial that you may now be wondering how on earth you got by, for so long, with such extreme limitations. What happens this week is another big step in the process. The process itself might be called a revolution for your curriculum vitae. It is a slow revolution, but it is also enabling you to make new discoveries – and also make it up as you go along. How many times have you thrown your job description on the floor in the last few years? How many times have you rejected the stale, traditional, stuck, conservative or just plain dull interpretation of your own role? I am sure you have done it in your imagination countless times. What happens this week is a reshuffle and it may be literal. Promotion or demotion in your world is not unheard of when Ceres comes to town. Sideways moves and mergers are also common enough. The reshuffle may also be less formal and dramatic, though. It’s rather like being dealt a different hand at the table, while others are also given new cards. The trick is, playing fair and square.


In April your horizons expanded and your world became bigger. This liberated you to travel, read, study, write, teach, publish or use the internet in a new way. What got you there was nothing short of a revolution in your world, although at the time you may have been so deeply involved in it, that you did not quite understand what was taking place. That was then, this is now. In 2015 you had limitations and restrictions placed upon you, which kept you pretty tightly laced, when it came to the world of the web, journeys, academia, workshops, books, other regions or other countries. What happened in April turned everything upside down, and spun you around. It has also dumped you, happily enough, in the position you find yourself in now. The next phase of change is upon you. It will involve (by this weekend) a tremendous need for tolerance, understanding, sympathy and mind-reading. I know that you identify with the role of leader, guide or mentor, but you are now going to have to put that side and play ball in a different way. Others want power. Others have power. Others want control. Others have control. You are not exactly short of this yourself, but you are both (or all) going to have to construct a radically new game together. If you all play, you all win, on some level. If nobody plays, then forget it. Whatever it takes to make this work, try to make it work, Leo.


They say that the cycle of Uranus through your zone of money, possessions, business and property liberates you from situations you did not know were confining you, so much. This happened in April. For most of January-March you were stuck in the same loop which presented itself in 2015, restricting you more than you may have admitted to yourself. Those circumstances are now gone – and you have had two months to find out what life feels like when you have tons of space and new room to move. Uranus has not finished with you yet, though. This week he conjuncts Ceres, an ancient symbol of seasonal changes and also the art of sharing. There is a pie which will be cut very differently once this week is over. It needs to be a pie which everyone can accept or the recipe will not work and you will miss your chance of real progress. I don’t think anyone is going to find this process comfortable, smooth or easy! Ceres is not like that. Uranus is not like that. Whatever you must do, though, with the house, apartment, company, buying/selling, bank, special objects and the rest – must be accepted as a pie whose time has come. Long-term this will work out and the compromise has its own value and beauty if you are prepared to look past the usual definitions of ‘the best’ and interpret what is there, in a more thoughtful way. You make what’s best, by deciding what’s valuable.


The dwarf planet Ceres was promoted in 2006 in the same year that Pluto (her son-in-law in mythology) was demoted. The playing field was levelled. This is now happening to you in your marriage, or common-law marriage. It may also be taking place with your former or potential partner. This cycle, Ceres in your Seventh House, is also linked to the lopsided scales that occur when someone is heavily weighed against you. A rival, enemy or opponent – for example. Ceres will conjunct Uranus, that ancient symbol of extreme change, this week. It is the latest episode in a long running story which began in April. The idea is to submit to what comes, but with two principles in mind. The first is your own precious freedom and independence. The second is a level playing field, in every sense of the word. The new arrangement to come may be formal or quite informal, but it has to honour the need both of you have to stay in control and to feel empowered – or perhaps become empowered. What you experienced in April radically altered the known world but it also opened up all the doors and windows to something (or perhaps) someone new. You were given more space and more oxygen – more room to move psychologically, emotionally or sexually. Now, you are at another crossroads when you must do all you can to co-create everything with the other person. This applies no matter if the issue is love or war.


Uranus will conjunct Ceres this week in Aries, the sign which rules your lifestyle, workload and body. Aries describes your daily routine in every detail, and covers your sleep, food, drugs, drink, healer, doctor, gym, pool, dentist and the rest. It is also a symbol for your work ethic and your sense of service and duty to others, from waking to sleeping. What you experienced in April was confronting but also liberating. You may have been quite unaware of the limitations and restrictions you had been operating under in 2015 and 2016 really began for you, that month – at least in terms of your body, working day and lifestyle. I include housework in ‘work’ by the way as it is a key part of this cycle. Now, you meet the next challenge and also the next big chance for a more independent existence. The Ceres-Uranus conjunction is likely to squeeze out sparks, but it is also a potent way for you to embrace the new. The art critic Robert Hughes called modern art ‘The Shock of the New’ and there is something rather confronting, unprecedented, revolutionary and innovative about what is to come. It is about invention, not the repetition of the past. Be the artist and architect of your own daily life and also, importantly, your own body. That way lies the exhilaration of freedom even though you are a fixed sign, and traditionally do not embrace change.


Everyone you know will be affected by this week’s rare Uranus-Ceres conjunction in Aries, just as they were affected by the April stelliums in the same sign. Back in April, you saw radical changes all over the place and perhaps a genuine case of the world turning upside down. This has altered the landscape and people are free, when they were not free before. They have room to move, when they were cramped or restricted last year. For you, the shift occurred in relation to the way you see pregnancy, babies, children or young adults. The way you see youth or younger people. The way you regard the lovers who might bring this generation into your life. This week, Sagittarius, we have another pattern in this area of your horoscope. Freedom – the kind we associate with uncompromising autonomy and the right to invent one’s own life – comes any way it will. Sometimes the events which set you free are not what you would have ordered (not in a million years). You cannot turn back the clock, though, and you can only keep surfing this new tide of change. This is a good time to accept that new really does mean new. There is something untried about what lies ahead. This means making it up as you go along – no bad thing – and the chance to start again. Independence is a magic word that will mean a lot this week. If you honour independence on this cycle you won’t go far wrong. Just remember that sometimes the ancient myth of Ceres can come alive, in a literal way. The Romans tell us that Ceres had to share her daughter with her son-in-law, dividing the year into Autumn and Winter (when her daughter Proserpina was away) and Spring and Summer (when she was welcomed home). Child custody is sometimes a very real outcome of this cycle. If you are affected it may be cathartic to read the old story of Pluto, Proserpina and Ceres. To everything there is a season – turn, turn, turn.


For an earth sign like yourself, grounded and settled, it can be quite confronting to deal with Uranus in the Fourth House of your horoscope. The Fourth House rules your roots, sanctuary, belonging, home, kinfolk and homeland. It describes what holds you and grounds you, no matter if it is a high-rise apartment or a sense of patriotism and nationhood. Back in April you experienced the first real signs of tremendous change. I am sure it must have been confronting for you or others, because Uranus (which led the stellium in your Fourth House) does nothing by halves. Now that everything is in a new place, you should be able to appreciate that it was time for ‘home’ and ‘family’ and perhaps ‘household’ to mean something quite different. Accepting the difference in this new world also means embracing freedom and you should be pretty pleased about that. In fact, you may have had no concept of how restricted, tied or bound you were last year. Now, we come to another key turning point in the story of your greater independence. It will necessarily involve sharing and compromise. The territory must be divided, no matter if we are talking property, rooms, the garden, or the more subtle question of emotional or psychological territory. Families and shared households are often stories about control and power – the sharing of the reins – and it is clear that those reins must now be distributed in a new way. I mentioned at the start of your forecast that you were an earth sign. True, but you are also ruled by Saturn, an ancient symbol of tremendous caution, method and micro-management. This is all well and good but sometimes you have to embrace the times, and the times are encouraging you to experiment with your house, apartment, family, household, town or country. To be free. To savour genuine independence. If that means innovative compromise, so be it.


Your planetary ruler is Uranus in astrology, a symbol we associate with electricity. In the year he was discovered, an Italian scientist was experimenting with what would ultimately become the battery. Batteries power torches –they bring light in the darkness. In the same year, the Enlightenment woke up the Western world. I mention this, because your ruling planet is about to make a rare conjunction to Ceres this week. In modern astrology we live in enlightened times too, and ever since 2008, when Ceres became the astronomical equal of Pluto, the horoscope has looked different. If Uranus is about the lights going on (especially with your approach towards the internet, ideas, books, concepts, language, multimedia and communication) then Ceres is about something no less important. We link her to the four seasons and the need to adjust and adapt, no matter if you prefer winter or summer. You are now about to see not only more change with your life online – and perhaps offline – but also, a seasonal adjustment. You cannot have your favourite season all the time. You have to release and let go. Other people, other organisations or life itself must have the upper hand from time to time, and you must accept that. This is now the case with your project, your computer, your course, your great plan, your big idea or your microphone. You live in enlightened times. Allow certain truths to be exposed and illuminated this week, and feel the electricity charge the atmosphere. This should also be an exciting time, by rights. Why? Because you are free. You are independent. If that also means compromising or sharing, then so be it.


You have taken an unorthodox approach to your money, possessions, house, business interests, charity or apartment in recent years and it has worked well. At the same time, any situation which trapped you, confined you and restricted you has been well and truly overturned. If you think back to the years that Uranus has been in Aries, since 2011, I am sure you will find at least one example of a situation where you were kept small, or kept dancing to the tune of another. It may have been a family member who paid your bills. It may have been shopping itself, or the world of banks, who keep us on a very tight leash, even while they are advertising images of beaches and ski slopes where we might be free. It is important to think back on these episodes where you were forced to change course and alter your thinking. I am sure you did not welcome one or two of them at all, but they loosened things up. Now, you are at a point in your year where things will once again be unlocked and untied. You may be such an enlightened being by now, that you are the person who is insisting on snapping open the locks or cutting off the cords. Ceres is conjunct Uranus, so there will be a crucial compromise or a process of sharing – maybe division. You could say this is about the cash, the objects or the home – or the company. Actually, it is about power and control. This new arrangement must honour your core need for independence, though. You are being given it on this cycle and you must take it. That is the whole point of Uranus in Aries, nothing more and nothing less.

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