Change your life in eight weeks with master life coach Jacqueline Hurst

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GTG expert and master lifecoach, Jacqueline Hurst  has announced the launch of The Life Class, a new training program for aspiring life coaches.

Twelve years ago, Jacqueline found herself feeling down and fed up with life and decided to pack in her party ways and change her lifestyle and outlook. Since then she has become a successful life coach and clinical hypnotherapist, helping numerous clients get their lives back on track and manage issues such as low esteem, body confidence and addiction.

Having gained a wealth of experience, Jacqueline is now on a mission to remove the stigma surrounding life coaching and wants to encourage others to take up the practice.

Her answer? A virtual life school.

Jacqueline's Life Class school is a UK first, and with the new course, anyone can train to be a life coach in a speedy eight weeks.

Jacqueline believes that the knowledge and skills needed does not necessarily take hundreds of hours and has instead condensed the information into nine easily digestible chunks conducted over Skype. With the sessions then available to download and listen at your convenience, Jacqueline can change your life without disrupting it.

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