The model, women’s rights campaigner and public speaker on the work day habits that keep her going (insert porridge), having a younger role model and her efforts to end discrimination in the workplace

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She started her modelling career at the grand old age of two, and now at 29, Daisy Lowe has ticked off a veritable bucket list of career highs. From Vogue shoots to Strictly to speaking alongside high profile women at events to promote equality in the workplace and take a stand against period poverty , it’s fair to say that there’s no standard ‘9 to 5’ for Lowe per se, but whether she’s mud wrestling for a magazine spread or prepping a talk on deforestation, she likes to keep it interesting. Here’s what her day looks like, the professional gigs she loves the most and what she’d say if she was to give herself a performance review...

How I got my big break

“I’m not sure if I can pinpoint a particular moment or job but I’ve managed to shoot with some amazing creatives and photographers, which I’ll always be grateful for.”

What I do before breakfast

“My morning usually involves rushing around- getting dressed as fast as possible and legging it out the door. For that reason breakfast is usually eaten on the go- I’m a massive fan of Leon’s porridges.”

My mentality

“I’m definitely a ‘glass half full person’, and personality wise I think I’m a balance of ‘introvert and extrovert’.”

My work space

“It’s very varied- I could be anywhere, from a studio to a location shoot in the middle of nowhere, it’s different every day. There is one constant thought- I  love to bring my dog Monty along with me- he’s always a hit when I’m modelling on set.”

What I love most about my job

“I love getting vocal about topics I really believe in. For International Women’s Day this year I was invited to speak on the Badoo  fantastic female empowerment panel, alongside some incredible women- presenter Gemma Cairney, chef Tess Ward , Karren Brady CBE  and British sailor Tracy Edwards MBE. It was so inspiring to talk to women from all different backgrounds and jobs to get their insight into ending discrimination in the workplace and promoting equality.

“I hope to do more speaking in the future- I’m an ambassador for Cool Earth , a non-profit organisation that works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and climate change.”

My role models

“I have a role model who’s younger than me. I absolutely adore Scarlett Curtis  (columnist for The Sunday Times Style magazine). I’m so proud that she has recently been appointed as social media director for the United Nations  ‘Global Goals’ campaign , an initiative to end extreme poverty, inequality and climate change. I was recently invited to speak at Westminster alongside amazing women such as model Adwoa Aboah and politicians Jesse Phillips and Aisling Bea on the subject of period poverty as part of The Pink Protest , which is an initiative founded by Scarlett, film maker Grace Campbell and illustrator Alice Skinner. It’s such an important and incredible campaign and I was so honoured to help to spread the message with Scarlett and so many other powerful women by my side.”

Who I turn to for support

“I love my team - they are all really brilliant, supportive women. We have a very honest relationship which is so important. Feedback is essential”

My lunch break

“Even when I’m really busy I always find a window to take time out and go for a walk. It’s impossible to be creative and productive without taking a breather from work. You’ll probably find me eating a Leon Kale Caesar Salad at some point too.”

The app that keeps me productive

“Probably Insight Timer - it’s a meditation app.”

My screensaver

“...Monty the dog.”

My work rules

“I’ve begun a new ‘thing’ of no screen time before bed. I’m only on day two of this so far! I try to put my phone on airplane mode at nighttime now so that I’m never tempted to look at my phone in the night.”

If I gave myself a performance review I’d say…

“Stop being so critical! For most of us, I think that we need to be much kinder to ourselves.”

How I deal with work stress

“I love to have a dance when I have a creative block- it’s amazing for relieving tension. My favourite track to dance to is Cameo Candy- I played it when I was DJing last week at a party and it still gets people on the dance floor.”

My most memorable work moment

“I’ve had so many, both good and bad, from the time that I had an allergic reaction to blue hair dye (!) to mud wrestling for a shoot with Stephen Klein for W magazine. As you do.”

The one piece of advice I would give to women in my industry

“Everyone has their own creative ideas and taste is just an opinion.”

Money is…

“Freedom and independence but it's certainly not the most important thing in the world.”

How I wind down from work

“I love Transcendental Meditation  and I’ve just started Kundalini Yoga- both of these help massively.”

How I sleep

“For at least six hours a night. The world always seems so much more bearable after a good night's sleep.”

Daisy was part of a panel of inspirational women that spoke at an International Women's Day event held by Badoo to promote female empowerment and gender equality. Badoo is the worlds largest dating app, with over 370 million users.

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