Feeling out of sorts? It might be down to the upcoming full moon this weekend. Astrologer Jessica Adams reveals what's in store...

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There’s a bit of a habit in the GTG office whereby whenever there’s a bit of a turbulent time - plans changing at the last minute, computers breaking, a general feeling of everything being up in the air - we look up what’s happening with the moon and stars. Call us crazy, but nine times out of ten there’s usually a full moon lurking around the corner, leading us to put all the chaos down to astrology and happily get back to our keyboards safe in the knowledge that it’s out of our hands.

Whether you’re a believer or not, the full moon is something that has fascinated people for centuries, as GTG’s go-to astrologer Jessica Adams  tells me. But how can it affect our everyday lives?

“The Full Moon in astrology is about that time of reckoning, when the Sun is opposite the Moon. It typically brings mixed feelings or opposite points of view, either inside you – or in the outside world – and if it triggers your birth chart, or even the birth chart of a whole nation (countries have horoscopes too) then it’s big.”

So if you’ve been feeling out of sorts this week, don’t fret - take the team’s lead and blame it on the moon, which will be full this Sunday 26th August. But what does it mean for you and your sign? In an extract from her book, Jessica explains it all…


If the Full Moon is in your sign (if you are a Pisces, for example, the Full Moon on 26th August falls in your zodiac sign) then avoid cosmetic surgery, laser eye surgery, haircuts or colouring, new photographs, film shoots, profile launches and all ‘me’ plans on the Full Moon. Why? It’s in your house of image.

Are you a Virgo? Near 26th August it will be D-Day for the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner. Why? The Full Moon is in your house of partnerships, from all stages of your life.

Your zodiac sign and the full moon in Pisces (August 26th)

Where will you experience D-Day and your ‘now or never’ moment? Allow more time and space for yourself on the day itself, and just before and after.

A Full Moon is a time of reckoning and it can make some people very emotional. Along with the Full Moon in Pisces we also have Neptune in Pisces, a symbol of confusion. People feel all at sea, or a little lost, with Neptune in Pisces anyway. The last thing they need is a Full Moon as well!

That’s why you need to cut yourself and others lots of slack on Full Moon day, August 26th, but also – perhaps – make up your mind another time. Unless you absolutely have to move forward on that day and there is no choice you may prefer an easier time!

Read on to find out which area of life your zodiac sign will be affected in.

ARIES – Secrecy. Invisibility. Mystery. MI5 and MI6. The unconscious mind. Diaries. Vaults. All submerged information. Mediumship. Your Soul.

TAURUS – Friends. Groups. Political parties. Book groups. Yoga classes. Societies. Associations. Clubs. Social networks like Twitter.

GEMINI – Career. Unpaid work. Vocation or calling. Social status and position. Mission and aims. Ambitions. Ranking. Prestige. The Top. University.

CANCER – Travel. Academia. Education. Teaching and learning, informally. Emigration. Moving. Foreign people and places. Multiculturalism.

LEO – Taxation. Business deals. Income. Debts. Mortgages. Family money. Partnership finances. Alimony. Child Support. Homes. Charity/Philanthropy.

VIRGO – Your Partner. Your Former Partner. Your Potential Partner. Your Love Rival. Your Professional Partner. Your Professional Enemy.

LIBRA – Routine. Drugs. Food. Drink. Lifestyle. Fitness. Doctors. Healers. Workload. Chores. Housework. Duty. Service. Employment or unemployment.

SCORPIO – Children. Pregnancy. Young People. Godchildren. Sons and daughters. Nieces and nephews. Paid or unpaid efforts with young people. Lovers.

SAGITTARIUS – House. Apartment. Caravan. Land. Yacht. Tenants. Landlords and landladies. Air BnB. The family. The household. Home and country.

CAPRICORN – The worldwide web. Communication as a whole. The radio. Television. Newspapers. Speech and hearing. Your voice. Your writing.

AQUARIUS – Contracts. Commission. The bank. Your credit card. Your cheque book. Your values – what you will and will not sell your soul for.

PISCES – Your image. Botox and thermage treatments. Laser eye surgery. New glasses. Hair cut and colour. Weight. Shape. Style. Self-Promotion.

More full moon dates to note for 2018:

25th September – Full Moon in Aries

24th October – Full Moon in Taurus

23rd November – Full Moon in Gemini

22nd December – Full Moon in Cancer

To read more about astrology head to Jessica’s  website   or download her book,  2020 Astrology