From Adele to Victoria Beckham, celebrity crystal healing fans abound, but what can they do for you? Two bestselling authors and wellbeing entrepreneurs give us their quick guide to crystals and the best ways to use them

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We totally get that crystals are considered to be quite out there, and we’d never try to push them on anyone, but personally we love them. Even sceptics can agree that they’re not going to do you any harm. You can take the information below with a pinch of salt or, if you’re interested to know more, there are plenty of detailed guides out there. These are the ten crystals that we use most often and that we recommend to our friends and the people we work with.


  • Said to bring peace and tranquillity to the home and it’s calming for the mind.
  • Creates a protective shield that wards off negative energy. Katia’s son Huxley sleeps with a small amethyst under his pillow.

Black Obsidian

  • Shields you against negativity and absorbs negativity in the environment.
  • Always in Nadia’s pocket.

Rose Quartz

  • The ultimate heart healer.
  • The stone of love towards yourself and others.
  • A great wedding or new baby gift.

Clear Quartz

  • Brings clarity of mind and clears confusion.
  • Assists in clear communication.
  • Excellent for meditation.

Sun Pyrite

  • The stone for manifestation and taking action to create abundance in your life.
  • Also helps to bring mental clarity.

Smoky Quartz

  • Grounding.
  • Offers protection from electromagnetic fields and computers.
  • Always on our desks and near the router.

Titanium Aura Quartz

  • The most powerful and highest vibration of all quartz.
  • Helps you to be grounded, centred and energised all at once.

Tiger's Eye

  • Keeps you grounded and calm, regardless of the situation.
  • Gives the carrier strength in difficult situations.
  • Katia’s kids carry these in their pockets.


  • Helps with taking big leaps of faith and action to manifest your dreams.
  • Promotes positive life choices and success.
  • A good one to add to a manifesting altar (like a vision board but in a physical space).


  • Said to boost the energy of the other crystals around it.
  • Great for manifestation, prosperity and abundance.

Using crystals to create peace

When it comes to peace, these are the crystals that we like to have in our homes as a reminder to tap into that feeling whenever we can.

  • Amethyst, for peace and tranquillity.
  • Clear quartz, the master healer.
  • Petrified wood, for patience and trusting in the flow of life.

If you want to step it up a notch, you can try making a crystal grid; having more crystals leading to your central crystal is said to create a stronger and quicker result.

  • Choose the central crystal that you would like to use (see above for ideas). Then write your intention for peace (or anything else – this ritual is very adaptable) on some paper and place it under the central crystal.
  • Surround your central crystal with a circle of smaller stones, perhaps five or six of them. These are called your ‘way’ stones; they create the path to your desire. Choose small pebble crystals, whichever ones resonate with you.
  • The third element of the grid is creating an outer circle of stones called the desire stones. These represent the desired outcome. Again, use small crystals here.
  • Finally, take a clear quartz crystal to activate your grid. This means getting quiet and concentrating on your intention. Then link all the stones together by simply using the clear quartz to draw an invisible line connecting each stone to every other stone, and to the central crystal.

An edited extract from  Rituals for Every Day by Nadia Narain & Katia Narain Phillips  (Hutchinson, hardback, £14.99)

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