The GTG expert is spreading the life coaching love with the launch of a brand new course

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Was 2015 going to be the year you made mindfulness a bigger priority? A big buzzword in the health and wellness world if you have slipped back into old habits then Jacqueline Hurst  may have the answer.

A leader in the field of mind-management, Jacqueline is your go-to-girl when it comes to living your life to its best . Inspired by the success of The Life Class , the UK’s first certified online Life Coach Course, Jacqueline realised that there was a gap in the market for people wanting to manage their own mind as well as learn the skills to help others.

On the six week course of self discovery (all completed in your own time at home) you will learn a range of intelligent and powerful techniques to supercharge your mind. Like a workout for the mind you are taught how to detox negative thoughts and nurture the positive ones. Once you have completed the six different modules you will have improved your emotional intelligence, enhanced your ability to listen to your gut instincts and boosted your confidence levels.

Get back on the wellness wagon and book yourself on to a course now .