From mastering the art of letting go to silencing your inner critic and leading a more judgement-free life, this year’s roster of self-help books are brimming with useful advice. Here’s our pick of the books set for big things

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‘Self-care’ was one of the buzzed about terms of 2017, but putting it into practice isn’t always practical. There are several facets to it and just like most things wellness-related, a one-size-fits-all approach is impossible for everyone to squeeze their needs into. Thankfully though, there are a number of New Year’s books available written by a range of different experts providing their own unique approach towards leading a happier and healthier life. Inspired by their own personal journeys and first-hand experiences, here are eight that could help make your 2018 goals a reality.

C’est La Vie, The French Art of Letting Go by Fabrice Midal, £12.99

If you’re looking to take a load off mentally, this book provides an action plan for doing so. Written by one of the world’s leading teachers of meditation, Fabrice Midal, its core message is all about giving yourself a break and letting go of social and self-imposed stresses. “It’s time to stop torturing yourself,” notes Fabrice on its first page and the chapters that follow look to build on that premise. Challenging common misconceptions regarding meditation, highlighting the importance of qualities such as vulnerability and acceptance and encouraging an attitude of ‘just being,’ it acts as a roadmap for avoiding the perils of perfectionism.

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Self-Care for the Real World by Nadia Narain & Katia Narain Phillips, £16.99

Sisters Nadia and Katia have built careers around the subject of self-care, (Nadia is one of the UK's top yoga teachers and Katia has worked in wellness, food and massage for more than 20 years). However they freely admit that it’s taken them a bit longer to learn to look after themselves as well as they looked after their clients. Strike a chord? Many of us prioritise the needs of other before our own, yet often don’t realise that in doing so, we could be robbing the world of our own unique and much-needed contributions. This book looks to address this common problem and with chapters named, ‘There is nothing wrong with you,’ and ‘It’s time to love your body,’ it helps build you back up to your best self. Covering struggles in love, loss, self-esteem and work, it paves a path towards better self-care that’s made up of small and achievable steps.

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Calm by Fearne Cotton, £19.99

Featuring insights into her own personal experiences and Q&As with doctors, a counsellor, a breathing expert and famous friends such as Reggie Yates and Russell Brand, this book looks to address different ways to inch body, brain, relationships and work away from the dangers of stress and anxiety. Also including interactive exercises and visual cues, it places an emphasis on the importance of tuning in with your body and helps break down the concept of self-care into easy and digestible chunks.

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The 28 Day Alcohol Free Challenge by Andy Ramage & Ruari Fairbairns, £12.99

With millennials increasingly turning their back on booze  and this year’s Dry January proving more popular than ever , the demand for advice and support for going alcohol-free is sky high. Whether you’re looking to give it up for good or are just interested in cutting back, this book can help thanks to its tips on dealing with the personal, professional and social hurdles that commonly get in the way. Written by founders of One Year No Beer, Andy Ramage and Ruari Fairbairns, it provides a useful handbook for recalibrating your relationship with alcohol.

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Recharge by Julie Montagu, £12.99

Recently named one of the world’s top 10 Holistic Health Icons, one of the most important lessons that Julie Montagu learned on her self-care journey was that she had to look after herself in order to better take care of others. It’s something we can all take inspiration from and her new book provides a month-by-month guide on all things mind, body and soul to bring everything back into balance. Advising on the building blocks needed for creating a year of positivity, it addresses topics such as mindful eating, rebuilding self-esteem, living with purpose, overcoming fear and more.

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The Gift of Silence by Kankyo Tannier, £12.99

In a busy world where we’re constantly bombarded with noise and stress, finding some calm amidst the chaos is near impossible. It’s a modern problem, but the answer could lie in looking to the past - and this is where this book comes in. Written by French Buddhist nun, Kankyo Tannier, it aims to help you re-discover your inner stillness in a stressful world - unplugging from your devices and reconnecting with the external world by implementing some easy yet effective techniques to quieten your inner monologue. From examining the effect of visual pollution to ‘concentrating’ your eyes in an urban environment and exercises for silencing your inner critic, it helps bring some much-needed Zen to city living.

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Judgement Detox by Gabrielle Bernstein, £12.99

Judging and being judged - it’s rife in our world where we’re able to share everything about ourselves at the click of button. Judgement’s the root of many of our life blocks according to author and life coach Gabrielle Bernstein, sapping us of energy and affecting our relationships and health. It can leave us drained, so to counteract this, Gabrielle has devised an interactive six step process for removing it from our lives. Drawing inspiration from spiritual principles, kundalini yoga and meditation among others, she found that removing judgement from her own life made her a more mindful and conscious person. And she hopes the same happens for you too. Named a ‘next generation thought leader’ by Oprah, her philosophies come with supremely high seals of approval.

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Well Being by Danielle Copperman, £25

Founder of successful blog, Model Mange Tout and health food brand Qnola, this book draws inspiration from Danielle's time spent as a model, entrepreneur and diet and nutrition student trying to find holistic remedies to improve her health. From yoga to meditation, breathwork to healthy eating, it’s a culmination of the key things that she's learned and is broken up into practices and rituals to do throughout the day to help lift both mood and energy levels. Adaptable recipes included encompass those for flexitarian meals as well as beauty products and routines span from yoga poses to breathing regulation for a mixture of mental and tangible food for thought.

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