The Gloss Report: pillows, tried and tested

Ayesha Muttucumaru 28 October 2017
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The Gloss Report: pillow reviews

Could your pillow do with an upgrade? Chances are most of us have been sleeping on the same one for longer than we realise, too long in fact, resulting in a less than restful night’s sleep or a morning after ravaged by a range of different aches and pains.

Pillow preferences can be hugely personal and one size definitely doesn’t fit all. With inclinations voiced among the GTG team for memory foam, others for feathers, some for ‘squishiness’ and a few for firmness, our pillow penchants are far reaching. So for this week’s Gloss Report, we decided to step outside our comfort zones and put a range of different types to the test. Here’s how we got on.

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2 / 8

Studio by Silentnight Adjustable Pillow, £34

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The promise: "Mix and match three removable pillow pads to find the perfect height and comfort."

We give it: 8/10

Review: “I'm usually a feather pillow type of person. I find them so much comfier to sleep on and I also like a lot - I'd quite happily sleep surrounded by them! However, although this one isn't feathered, I do think it's one of the better non-feathered options I've tried. Comprising of three separate 'pillow pads' encased within a knitted cover, it allows you to try up to seven combinations for pillow height depending on which pillow pads you use. Each pillow pad has different comfort ratings; soft, medium and firm. I like a high pillow so I kept all three within the case, but you can change this to include pads 1 and 2, 1 and 3, just 2 etc, depending on the height and level of support for your personal taste. The pillow cover isn't comfortable though, so I definitely recommend using your own pillowcase on top! What's great about it though is its versatility. It is great for my mum who suffers from a bad back, as she can adjust the height and firmness to suit her needs. For me however, I really miss the feeling of a luxurious feather pillow!”

Reviewer: SM

3 / 8

Dunlopillo Serenity Deluxe Pillow, £65

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The promise: “Moulds instantly to your head and neck ensuring you enjoy the perfect sleeping posture.”

We give it: 7/10 (dreamy but oh so spendy)

Review: “I’m the world’s biggest fusspot when it comes to pillows. Even extensive hotel pillow menus (a thing now apparently) have failed to please. Basically, I’m the princess and the pea, and if my pillow’s a pancake, too poofy or insufficiently long, it’ll all kick off/insomnia ensues. I have a specific pillow at home and my boyfriend knows not to touch it, move it or even think about sleeping even slightly near it, so bringing a new pillow into the fold was quite a big deal.”

“Given that I’ve had my favourite for at least six years, I’m clearly out of touch with the price point of bedding - nigh on £70 for a pillow seems extremely steep. It was very comfy, however, with just enough springiness to feel soft and snuggly yet supportive, and it definitely felt a bit more breathable than my normal very solid lump of a pillow (that’s how I roll - no fluff here). It’s anti-fungal, antibacterial and features anti dust-mite technology, which is promising in terms of longevity and if you’re allergy prone. I’ve been sleeping on it for a good week and have woken refreshed most mornings, apart from the night when I switched to a silk pillowcase and slid off it at regular intervals, but then that’s not the actual pillow’s fault. It is just the right combo of cushy and structured, but the fact that you’d need to spend over £120 to kit a double bed out could lead to sleepless nights. One for die hard pillow enthusiasts”

Reviewer: AH

4 / 8

Slumberdown Anti-Snore Pillow, £6

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The promise: “The soft, hollowfibre pillow has been specially designed with a ‘S’ shaped inner foam core which helps encourage better breathing by supporting the head and neck.”

We give it: 5/10

Review: “As anyone who snores or sleeps with someone who does, the lack of shut eye caused can make you pretty desperate to find something (ANYTHING) that’ll put an end to it. And this pillow claims to do just that thanks to its ’S’ shaped inner foam core that helps encourage better breathing by better supporting the head and neck. Did it work? Sadly not. Snoring was still at deafening volume in my house (I very nearly threw the pillow at our willing tester because of it). However, its soft hollowfibre filling, shape and 100% natural cotton cover make it really comfortable to rest your head on and its £6 price tag makes it extremely affordable too. So while I wouldn’t buy it specifically for putting my house’s snoring woes to bed, I would for our guest room instead.”

Reviewer: AM

5 / 8

Tielle Love Luxury Savoy Duck Feather and Down Pillow, from £45

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The promise: “Feather and down pillows that balance softness with structure.”

We give it: 8/10

Review: “I have to admit I had my concerns about trying a feather pillow - whenever I’ve slept on one before I’ve found it uncomfortable, but having put this to a thorough test I think perhaps my previous disappointing trials were down to poor quality. ‘The pillow of choice’ for many top hotels, its reputation precedes it; but 70% duck feather and 30% duck down, with a 100% cotton cover, it is very ‘squishy’ as my colleague put it, which worried me - I prefer something with bounce. However, despite the way feather pillows can lose shape as soon as you lay your head, I still felt supported (though less cushioned than usual) and slept in comfort the whole night through; full disclosure though, I did keep one of my usual synthetic pillows under it as I found it was a little too flat without it. Come morning, it regains its shape, perhaps needing a bit of plumping, and though it took some getting used to, I had a great night’s sleep that’s made me consider buying more - and I’d recommend it to anyone who prefers a feather option.”

Reviewer: JJ

6 / 8

Memory Foam Comfort Pillow by The White Company, £45

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We give it: 7/10

The promise: “Fantastic firm support with added comfort.”

Review: “I have had memory foam pillows in the past and always found them a bit too solid, but this one is made from shredded memory foam giving it a firm but yielding feel. I slept well on it, and from a comfort perspective it’s great. It doesn’t bunch and scrunch, meaning fewer pillow creases on my face in the morning and I like the fact that the cover is washable. The only thing I didn’t like was sleeping with my nose pressed to a pile of polyurethane, which is essential what memory foam is, and the uncertainty over what breathing this in all night every night would do. The washable cover made of polyester and bamboo is pretty thick but not enough to reassure me. For that reason, my pillow of choice is the all-natural Wool Room Deluxe Wool Pillow , £46, which you can adjust to your needs by adding or taking away filling, you can wash the cover and it’s natural, sustainable and recyclable.”

Reviewer: VW

7 / 8

Sealy Geltex Pillow, £44.99

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The promise: “Geltex offers all the pressure relief of memory foam with all the support of latex and its open cell structure enhances breathability.”

We give it: 7/10

Review: “I’m a bit of an oddball when it comes to pillows, most of the time I don’t sleep with one at all for comfort reasons. If I do, I usually prefer a very flat pillow as I find this is the comfiest option for someone who sleeps on their front like me. The Sealy Geltex Pillow was therefore a step out of my comfort zone, offering greater support than what I’m used to. It definitely was not what I was originally expecting - I was impressed that it felt a bit like a memory foam pillow in the sense it had a little give, yet not too much. I found it offered great head and neck support without feeling as though you were almost sitting upright in bed, a feeling I hate when trying to get to sleep! I really enjoyed using this pillow to prop myself up while watching a film - but not so much for sleeping which is the intention. For this reason, I feel as though it would suit someone better who sleeps on their back, as I’m sure the support would be greater appreciated.”

Reviewer: ATH

8 / 8

M&S Home Luxury Wool Blend Pillow, £35

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The promise: "Naturally breathable and temperature regulating making it perfect all year round.’’

We give it: 9/10

Review: “I’ve slept on feather pillows for years and have rarely strayed away from them so was very interested to find out if I’d been missing out on improved sleep with an alternative! While I did sleep well (worth noting I’m a rare breed as I never have a problem sleeping no matter where or what I sleep on!), I found the firmness of this pillow took some getting used to. While not uncomfortable, I’m used to a pillow that allows my head to mould and sink into it and this pillow does neither as it has absolutely no bounce in it at all. I’m sure it’s actually much better for me in terms of support to my neck but as I always sleep on my side, it didn’t feel as comfortable as a standard feather pillow. Although it’s not the ideal pillow for me, I can see its plus points. Firstly, because it’s so firm, it keeps its shape perfectly - just a little fluffing in the morning and it’s like new. It’s also a more affordable alternative to a 100% wool pillow with all the same benefits. If you have neck issues and require that extra support, then this pillow is perfect as it won’t flatten out during the night. M&S is currently offering £7 off so at £28, it’s actually quite the bargain, making it one of the cheapest pillows in this list.”

Reviewer: KB