Astrologer Jessica Adams reveals the five things you need to know about your horoscope for December

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The reshuffles affecting your workplace, industry or university should be signed off by the 20th. If not expect delays, changes.

A born-again partnership or new duet in your life takes off in the final quarter of 2016 partly thanks to all you achieve right now.

Be a total realist about travel, publishing, the internet and university life now. A lot rests on your choice near the 11th.

By September 2016 you will be completely satisfied with all you achieve in body, fitness and health terms. Take a solution now.

Christmas sees a milestone for your finances, property situation or business as you work with a multi-layered relationship.


Travel or welcome travellers before the 20th if possible as after that date we will see delays or u-turns into January and February.

Pursue the biggest priorities for your body in December as the efforts you make now will reward you in the final quarter of 2016.

Be shrewd about your financial future in 2016, 2017 and trawl the web for folk wisdom, along with the expertise of those in the know.

Serious sexual relationships, children, godchildren or youth projects are where amazing groundwork can now be achieved.

Christmas is so crucial for your relationship with a former, current or potential partner and really rings the changes. Forget 2013-14.


The choice you make about (or with) your former, current or potential partner weighs heavily in 2016. Take time - and advice.

Rich rewards through children, godchildren, babies or youth next year come partly as a result of the hard work you put in now.

Try to finalise financial, property or business paperwork before the 20th as you could hit waiting games or alterations until February.

You are in a unique position to look after the future of your family, household, apartment, house, home town or homeland now.

Christmas Day brings a welcome moment of truth about your lifestyle, body or workload as you see how much has altered.


The New Moon on the 11th brings a new beginning for your body, or your daily workload. This has long-term impact. Take your time.

Wrap up important conversations and plans involving your former, current or potential partner by the 20th as delays or changes wait.

You will move, renovate, reshuffle your family or change the household to your delight in late 2016. One seed is planted now.

Christmas shows you how much has changed with a serious relationship, godchildren, offspring or youth. Forget 2013-2014.

A very special project or idea, online or in the real world, requires deft handling to safeguard it for 2016 and December is the time.


Try to finalise all the most important work or body priorities before 20th December as after that date, you will hit delays or reversals.

A magnificent project or idea in the final quarter of 2016 (online or in the real world) can be seeded near the 2nd, 3rd, 10th, 11th, 20th.

Pregnancy, children, godchildren, young relatives or youth projects prompt a fresh start near the 11th but do your research.

You are in a great position to protect your financial, business or property future near the 6th, 10th, 14th, 18th so make your moves.

Christmas is about your house, apartment, family and/or household of course - and you’ll pair off with someone who helps.


Special projects, ideas or technology which helps you reach people successfully makes this a season for writers and gossips!

You will make or save a fortune in the final quarter of 2016 partly as a result of the efforts you make now. Try all you can and persist.

New realities about your family, home town, household, homeland or property need time to digest. Seek expertise and experience.

Your image and reputation, and of course your appearance, is there to be nurtured and protected in December. Accept all help.

Finalise key issues about pregnancy, children, young relatives, godchildren or youth projects before the 20th to avoid hitches.


Family plans may change, house or apartment arrangements could be held up - and more - after the 20th. Try to tie it up early.

Your biggest trump card is still your secret, your soul-searching, your pseudonym or your spiritual side. It delivers this Christmas.

The internet, publishing, multimedia or basic communication brings a major choice. Take your time and take the best advice.

Did you know you will relaunch yourself in a spectacular way next year? Part of the obstacle-clearing or opportunism begins now.

December and January see real breakthroughs with your money, property or business interests. You’ll make up for 2013, 2014.


What is confidential or classified? What is behind the scenes? What involves hibernating? This works well long-term. Say yes!

Seek the best advice you can afford about your money, property or business before a crucial choice near Friday 11th December.

To protect the future of your group (the one involving friends) do take full advantage of a resolutely practical way to move forward.

It’s all about you this Christmas. Others are reassessing who you are. You will relaunch for 2016 and triumph in 2017. New you!

If you must pursue big internet, computer, media or telephone plans after the 20th allow for delays and changes into January.


A special circle of people will reward you richly in the final quarter of 2016 partly as a result of genuine friendship moves made now.

Being you is hard work now! Your reputation, appearance or image needs to be tended carefully. Create a thoughtful strategy.

You can do a lot to protect the future of your career, unpaid work or university life in December and it is worth all your effort.

Your secret, your role behind the scenes or a period of solitude all loom large at Christmas. It feels right. At last, finally, it is right!

Try to push through truly crucial financial, property or business matters before the 20th as you will hit delays or u-turns after that.


Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn sees a hold-up or change affecting your name, look or brand. Finalise it before the 20th.

Your friendship or your special circle of people makes this a memorable Christmas with amazing bonding or repair work.

Your amazing new job, award or promotion in late 2016 or 2017 owe something to the effort you put in near the 2nd, 10th, 20th.

You will begin a secret, uncredited, classified or mysterious new phase in your life now, but take great care and very good advice.

Be savvy about foreign people and places and their impact on your life in 2016 and snap up a chance to insure the future now.


Your European, Australasian or American connection from the end of 2016 will thrill you, and an acorn planted now is a great oak later.

The group involving your friend is a hard-work new area of your life. Make it less so by being wise about what begins near the 11th.

Expedite your confidential, classified, uncredited or intensely personal agenda before the 20th as you will hit complications later.

You are in an excellent position to secure your financial, property or business future thanks to a woman or female-influenced firm.

Christmas is about success in the full sense of the word and understanding the chemistry with one other person is the key.


In the second half of next year you will benefit financially, or through property, partly as a result of moves you make right now.

Your career, university life or unpaid work will be easier if you do your research and read between the lines, prior to a major choice.

Your former, current or potential partner is at the heart of smart moves to look after 2016 and pursue every solution available.

A foreign place, person or culture draws you in at Christmas and the story will continue into January. Forget the past. Start again.

Do all you can to wrap things up with a group and friend before the 20th or treat this as a rehearsal until you start in February.