As 2016 draws to a close, astrologer Jessica Adams has your predictions for December

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Meanwhile, here's your December horoscope, below.


Saturn in Sagittarius is locked in historic patterns this Christmas. Your trip, book, website, course or foreign connection is at the centre of questions about timing this month and you may want to build bridges to 2017 that make sense now. You will be kept busy with social media, old friends and group commitments now (which is a polite way of putting it) as your ruler Mars only recently dived into this zone of your chart and there may be explosive Christmas crackers unless you can keep things on an even keel. By the end of the year you know a decision about your dark secret, invisible role or confidential project must be made by March 2017. It really involves boundaries, more than any other factor, and your ability to contain and control what often goes all over the place.


Keep the stakes low with your money, house, business, possessions, charity or flat. This applies to the emotional stakes as well, because a major decision, thanks to Saturn in Sagittarius, must be arranged by Christmas. Your career, volunteer role or university commitment is hard work but you are setting yourself up for 2017 and 2018 so if you want to avoid being stuck in an old pattern then, you may want to be highly strategic now. Set time aside for your old friend or group commitment too. The muddles or confusion earlier this year were really down to the personalities involved or the lack of clear rules between you all. It is easily fixed and it will make your life much easier.


Your former, current or potential partner is at the heart of important changes again this Christmas. None of this is any surprise, no matter if this is a promance (a professional bromance) or an ex lover. If you put more energy into an opponent, enemy or rival then this person will trigger a brand new direction for 2017, but the time for decisions is nigh. Your children, godchildren or young relatives present one or more high potential options which you must enjoy but also use. With Mercury Retrograde the focus switches to your money, property, business or possessions and the need for Plan B and back-ups. Allow for changes or delays until the end of January and cover yourself for everything!


Your house, flat, household, family, home town or homeland is at the centre of huge potential in December but the trick is learning how to share and making it easy for others to compromise in your favour as you are in the luckiest position for years. Your workload and lifestyle is overdue for a serious choice and a person who is practical and positive will help you far more than doing head miles. After Christmas, the stage is set for one of the most important agreements for months with your former, current or potential partner. This also applies to your enemy. Communication is everything but with Mercury Retrograde you must allow for changes and delays to the narrative.


Your former, current or potential partner is at the core of issues which seem to demand action not words. This also applies to your enemy, rival or opponent. Slow down and cool down to counteract the heat. There will be karmic developments with this person from May 2017, or another who replaces them in your private life. Your trip, course, website, book or foreign connection will have an excellent outcome by April if you stay the distance. With Mercury Retrograde the focus switches to your career, voluntary role or course. Allow for delays and changes until the end of January 2017. The reshuffles will take weeks to complete. Have Plan B and a back-up for all work issues, online.


Follow a financial, charity, property or business matter all the way through and you should be happy about the outcome as Jupiter in Libra does its work for you at Christmas. The future of your travel ideas, internet plans, university course or publishing projects will be decided next year and there will be a carve-up and compromise like no other. To avoid potential conflicts about your workload or lifestyle do all you can to contribute to an agreement where everyone must agree to be flexible enough to compromise. Lengthen any short fuses and when in doubt, count to eleventymillion.


Your children, godchildren or young relatives will take you on a demanding journey this Christmas but with effort, you will skip the tension and come up with the strategy that works best. This also applies to professional or part-time projects involving younger people – or the business of courtship. Your famous tolerance is called for, but your sense of fair play also has to be satisfied. If you want to time an property or family change correctly, wait until after Mercury has gone direct in early February 2017 and the decision will be made back and forth in January. Use your famous diplomatic talents with a matter involving the internet, the media or your way with words.


Step back from the house, family, flat, household, home town or homeland situation this Christmas and see it through the eyes of others. This helps you support patient, persistent and positive people who will help you find a satisfying outcome as the recent arrival of Mars in Aquarius has definitely upped the ante. The crucial choice about your children, godchildren, Millennial connections or young relatives now – alternatively, courtship – is about clarity versus confusion. The answer as always is boundaries. This also applies to projects involving younger people. Set time and energy aside to reach agreement with yourself about the money, property, business or goods. Saturn is making rare patterns in December and this is hard work, but once it’s done, it’s done.


In March you can address the overdue change required with your house, family, flat, household, home town or homeland. What you will notice most at Christmas is how fuzzy boundaries make everything more muddled. Time for a New Year Resolution? This month reminds you that you don’t own your image or profile. It must be co-created with other people with tremendous effort and patience, as Saturn in Sagittarius is not letting you off the hook - so try plodding with this one. A project which relies on your voice, internet talents or written skills will take up more time and energy as the action planet Mars recently entered this zone of your chart.


Your ruler Saturn is in Sagittarius making rare patterns this month and you are feeling it. Write it down or share it with a confidante, but don’t let your dark secret, invisible role or confidential project take up too much time and energy for you this month. You will be satisfied with the outcome of a financial, property, charity or business matter this month if you can choose strategy over impulse. Not everything has to be done in the heat of the moment. After Christmas it’s time to look at the internet, the phone, the media, publishing or other Communications HQ issues. This has been a long time coming but you need to get 2017 on an improved footing with more clarity and less befuddlement.


With Mars only recently entering your sign, and the Node on the way in, next year, your image or appearance is of great interest and you should follow one issue all the way to a satisfying outcome, on your own timetable. Take your time with a friend or important group of people. Saturn in Sagittarius makes rare patterns in December. There are issues about how much you can shoulder and what or whom you should shelve. The financial, property or business clarity you need is on the agenda for the first quarter of 2017 and you can help yourself by trying to contain and control the usual Christmas over-spend and late December sales madness. You’ve been down this path before, anyway.


Try to aim for a fair compromise agreement at work, university or with your non-profit role and if you can’t make something fit in your life perhaps it’s time to downsize or ditch. Unusual patterns in Sagittarius make this possible this Christmas. If you don’t believe it’s worth the effort, then feel free to walk away. A secret, or an invisible role, could lead to your most interesting results for months. You will be rewarded for slowing down and having a strategy, when it comes to keeping things confidential or operating behind the scenes and this area of your life will be twice as important next year. What others don’t see or know about you is about to become a bigger deal.

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