Astrologer Jessica Adams tells it like it is. Here's her lowdown on your November stars

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On 10th September 2016, Jupiter moved into Libra, the sign which rules love. This transit is bringing life-altering, positive relationship changes for everyone for the next 12 months.

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Meanwhile, here's your November horoscope, below.


All sorts of interesting things have been happening with (or for) your partner. Potential and former partners too. It may seen random but they are connected. Join the dots with every opportunity and make an art work.

You won’t have to make any more big decisions about your money, business, house, apartment, possessions or charity for quite a long time after November. Just work through this and get things in place for next year.

All the choices now are serious, grown-up ones, at least about travel or foreigners. This goes for the worldwide web too; publishing – or regional differences. You might still go ahead. However, you’ll have to live with it in 2017.

If you lapse in control with your career, unpaid job or university degree, then you lose your Master/Mistress of the Universe status. That’s probably fine as long as you have reasonable control the rest of the time. Why be extremist?

Doing deals and trade-offs with powerful organisations or people recently, make you super political in matters of money, housing, business and so on. Now you get a break from that. You’ll return to the chess game in 2017.


What went down with your secret or your role behind the scenes in September gave everyone a real jolt, as it came out of the blue. For you, the challenge now is allowing for and accommodating future jolts, should they happen. This means a readjustment. And how.

You spent most of 2016 dealing with endless questions and stuck situations affecting life with a former, current or potential partner. From December it’s over. You will have crossed one big bridge. It happens shortly.

The going concern, and the growing concern, in your life is your actual lifestyle. Work, body and routine. You’ve seen so many green shoots appearing. Now, feed and water them. You can and must grow this into something bigger.

You’re going to have to look at the lack of boundaries, sooner or later, with your friend and/or the group as a whole. It’s really down to a lack of clear communication but there’s nothing to fear from being straight, Taurus!

Life is all too real sometimes and you are dealing with the facts – just the facts – about the money, land, business, charity, house, apartment, possessions and so on. To make a choice you need time to think. The ramifications would be serious and ongoing.


You must be worn out with thinking about your body, workload, lifestyle, routine, duty and health. You are nearly at the end of the most intense change cycle in years, Gemini, and by Christmas you can switch the focus. You know for a fact that if you control the money, house, apartment, charity, business or possessions then you control so much else. You must now figure out just how much self-control you have and how much control you want.

September forced you to deal with the new reality of your social media, social life, group and friendships. You are going to have to make this up as you go along, inventing, innovating and adapting all the way. If others can’t be broad-minded enough to deal, it’s their issue.

You compromised over power or control where your secret was concerned, or your role behind the scenes. You played the game. Now you get a break. The game resumes in 2017. Fate took a hand in October and you saw how what (or whom) you wanted depended on a rather mature handling of a serious situation involving your former, current or potential partner. Rivals and enemies too. Now you have a choice to make, all the way to Christmas.


Ceres in Taurus recently saw you playing ball with others who were abusing their own power in your group, social media or circle of friends. You are cleverer than that, but now you get a break. Continue ping-pong next year, Cancer.

What you were shown last month got you thinking how much you could accept, or work at, in the name of getting what you wanted with your job or your body. (University life too). That decision still looms. Take your time. You would be lumbered and you know it.

She who controls the partnership controls everything. The contest or conflict too! And she who has power over the chemistry with an ex or potential lover is also in command. The problem has been, actually making it happen. How much do you want to boss yourself?

A frankly unusual situation affecting your career, university degree or unpaid work sprung up in September and now you have to face a new reality, as does everyone else. What if things changed suddenly again? What next?

If you feel stuck (no change, no progress, same old thing) with your love life, it is because you have not taken all the situations, people, places and timing offered, to make things better. The missing ingredient has been your self-discipline and that’s a debate with You.


The intense focus on your town, country, house, land, apartment, family or household in 2016 has almost seen you run out of steam. One final dazzling decision waits and then you can sign off on this, by the end of the month.

You have seen first-hand just how much power there is in the food, fitness, medical, drink, drug or healing industries. Figure out what you did right and wrong so far and remember the results now are down to iron willpower.

You have surprised yourself and others, just as the universe has surprised you, when it comes to your travel, web, foreign, regional, educational or publishing agenda. You will need to go on adjusting, day to day, Leo.

Several months of relief from the most intense situation with your bosses, staff, lecturers, classmates, colleagues or clients is in store. This gives you time to sit back and assess things from a distance. This compromise you just made was the start.

October faced you with a stark choice about courtship, children, babies or Millennials. If you want A then you have to put up with B. You will go on deciding, now through Christmas. This has serious consequences.


The gains you made with your image, look or reputation over the last 12 months won’t disappear. Advances don’t reverse. You’ll notice the endless growth winds down, though. That’s fine. Enjoy what you did. And possess.

There is nothing random about what you just gained with the money, land, business, company, charity, house, apartment or possessions. Three nice options all join up if you can make them do so – and you should.

After one mammoth decision and all the hard work involved, you can say you did it all – at least in terms of the worldwide web, songwriting, scripts, multimedia, language, education, books and so on. You will be pleased to think about something else by December.

To pursue who and what you want ,the rings of fire involve unbelievable tests of strength and patience. Maybe what you want in terms of your family, house, town, country, apartment or household just isn’t worth it. Your call.

Your superpowers, if you ever got the self-control to use them, would definitely involve Millennials, babies, children or courtship. You would become a kind of SuperVirgo. The thing is, how much do you want this? It’s still there.


You can relax in the knowledge that you scooped up almost every opportunity you had to do a lot (an awful lot) with a secret, or a role behind the scenes. This won’t go much further now. But you can still rest on your laurels.

Be smart and pull together all the interesting little new opportunities that arrived, concerning yourself. They do have a common theme. It’s about hard work online, for a start. However, the ultimate rewards are worth it.

I’m sure you’ve had quite enough of endlessly waiting or thinking – or talking – where your cash, house, business, apartment, charity or retail is concerned. One massive decision should roll now, and then you can leave it.

You will have to make a choice by Christmas if you want to go ahead with what must seem to you, like a somewhat fated path in your life. Of course you can walk away. This is tough! Yet, it would change the way you communicate.

You seem to be going between extremes with your family, house, town, country, household or apartment. It’s all or nothing. You’re either dominating this thing like it’s never been done before, or you’re losing the plot. Middle way?


Having been power-tripped by your past, present or potential partner in October, you power-tripped back. Or was that your great enemy, opponent or rival? Now, at last, you get a break from all that chess. Deep breath.

Your work and your body. Your duty and your lifestyle. Your condition and your tasks. It’s all a big experiment and September pulled other people up short when they saw how utterly unpredictable it all was. Find your way.

Courtship, offspring, Millenials, juniors. How are you going to draw some firm lines? You just need to spell things out, really. See it from their side, frame the words. See it from your side, frame the words. Be firm, though.

If you wanted to be Queen of the Internet you could be, but you would have to be the Boss Lady of your life all the time. That may be too extreme, even for you, so no wonder you’ve been slipping and sliding. Middle road?

Nothing you did with/for/through the group in the last 12 months was wasted, as you can now see. You may have become used to the growth curve and even taken it for granted. It’s over now. Yet – what you have will last. And last. People power, Scorpio. It’s precious.


You put an awful lot of time, effort and energy into make more of opportunities with your career, unpaid work or university degree. What you created is here to stay. You don’t go backwards with this stuff. Enjoy what you did.

Be savvy and pull together the people, organisations, openings, places and amazing timing with your friends or groups. It may seem disparate but it’s connected and it will help you expand your world.

One massive decision about the secret you hide or the role you play behind the scenes is almost over. Just a bit more discussion to go. Then at last it’s done and you can move on.

If you go ahead with what you want for your image or name, you will have to take on a huge amount of hard work and a burden you may not be fully aware of. Ask questions. You could do this by Christmas but it’s a mighty ask.

The reason you keep skidding backwards with money, property, charity or business is simple. You are asking miracles of yourself. Yes, you do have to find some self-control to get control but you don’t have to be Boadicea.


There’s a lingering, confusing question about who stands where, and what stands where, in relation to the internet. It’s been a shambles all year. Now take at least one firm step forwards and have a key discussion if you can.

You can’t really go backwards with what you earned, learned, used and made the most of. Those gains on your travel, foreign, web, educational or publishing scorecard are here to stay. Just keep building on them. A little.

You can only go upwards and outwards in terms of your success and what you realised in August-September is that you can basically do nothing and people will still come to you. Now, try to build this and also link the advantages.

Rather like pulling a tooth, you have to get something obvious and necessary over with in terms of your group. Friends, as well. It’s organic and natural and yet it’s taken you ages to get here. Once it’s done you can move on.

If you want what you want, in terms of the secret or the invisible role, then you have to take on a burden. It may be one, two or more people who you barely know. It may be a more psychological or spiritual burden. Think about this because you will have to live with it.


It helps to be a strict realist about your friend and the group. Sure, you could go further with all this, and what went down in October was intriguing and tempting. Unless you’re a grown-up about the obvious fall-out and implications, though, don’t even choose!

You can only gain from what happened with your money over the last 12 months (new income source? Increased cash flow?) or what you saved (bargain property?) Nothing goes away now. However, it is time to review where you are, what happened and what’s real now.

You can sign off on the last four years in November as everything that went down with your career, degree or unpaid work has brought you to this point. One more massive decision and the whole thing makes sense.

Delightful and surprising opportunities – little gifts – made a difference to the way you think about travel, or travel in the mind, in October. From little acorns, big oak trees grow. Keep feeding, nurturing and encouraging growth.

You must be quite bored with the endless chopping and changing with the secret you hide, or the uncredited role you play. Just when you’re winning, you go backwards. Maybe you don’t want to be that powerful? If you did want superhuman status, you’d do it.


What you created for yourself with or through a partner remains. This does not go backwards. It might go sideways, but your treasure chest of discoveries, improvements and advancements remains. Open the lid and see what you did. Ex and potential lovers too.

Congratulate yourself on doing absolutely nothing and attracting ways to make or save money, or enjoy something for nothing. Three little things add up to one big thing if you connect them in November and beyond.

You know if you make this one, epic choice about your travel, university, publishing, education or web agenda, it’s done. It really is quite mammoth for your future, yet November is the time to finish this once and for all.

All your choices are hard ones with career, university or unpaid work. They are also very tempting. The truth is, you have to live in the real world, and when you do X, then Y happens. You also have to live with Y! At least until Christmas 2017. Do think about this.

Why think about particular people or organisations as the pinnacle of human accomplishment when it comes to friendship or groups? Maybe that’s not your thing. Try other ways to feel empowered. If something makes you backslide badly, why go there?

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