What do your October stars have in store? Our spookily accurate astrologer Jessica Adams has your predictions

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On 10th September 2016, Jupiter moved into Libra, the sign which rules love. This transit is bringing life-altering, positive relationship changes for everyone for the next 12 months.

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Read your monthly horoscope for October below.


Your travel, web, foreign, publishing or educational agenda transforms in October as you realise you have (at last) more options.

The conversation, e-mail or paperwork between you and your former, current or potential partner in mid-October is a welcome milestone.

Avoid photographs, cosmetic surgery, internet profile changes, publicity, haircuts near the Full Moon in your image zone on 16th October, Aries.

You survived the toughest financial, business or property cycle in 29 years recently. Now you can make a fresh start. Use Halloween to do it.

You will make or save a small fortune from October 2017 with rewards in 2018, if you do your homework from the third week of the month.


You deserve a medal for all you went through with your former, current or potential partner in 2013-2015. Final resolution is on the way soon.

If you have an enemy, rival or opponent it has been very difficult to lay everything to rest, yet October and November will help your closure.

From Saturday 8th October you will see new angles and fresh possibilities for your money, property, business, possessions or charity.

Avoid the Full Moon near Sunday 16th October for keeping secrets, revealing them or operating behind the scenes. There are far easier times.

Your new lifestyle is coming this month, thanks to a superior way to work and look after your body’s needs at the same time. You’ll love this!


You need a break from the situation with your former, current or potential partner and you will have it, from October. A fresh perspective helps.

If you have an enemy, rival or opponent then the relief and release of a new atmosphere surrounding one situation will help you move on.

Wonderful possibilities involving the world of babies, children, teenagers (or the lovers who can bring them into your life) are waiting now.

Create more time and space to think about your friends, and the group, near the Full Moon on Sunday October 16th. Be cautious at that time.

The mind, body and spirit connection was impossibly hard work for you in 2013, 2014 but at last you can make a genuinely fresh start.

Halloween is time to make a wish for a better way to work, live and look after your body. It comes from Halloween 2017 but set goals now.


There is light at the end of the tunnel with an important work, university or unpaid work question. The second half of October brings it.

Put your body first this month as a heavy situation which never changed, nor progressed, is now about to be seen in a useful new light.

What you hear, read or discuss near 11th October will change your life in terms of your home, family, property, household, town or country.

The loaded topic of babies, children, teenagers or the lovers who bring them into your life was hard for you 2013-2015 but it’s time to move on.

You can release a lot of stored-up emotion at Halloween and look forward to a dazzling future as a parent, or substitute ‘parent’ in 2018.


The world of babies, children or teenagers (or the lover who can deliver it all to your door) spells useful change from Saturday 8th October.

A stunning project using your computer or an amazing plan relying on your voice takes off in a wonderful way near Tuesday 11th October.

Mixed feelings about travel, publishing, web, foreign or educational plans near Sunday 16th October call for time, space and research.

Your home, family, household, home town or homeland spells crucial paperwork or discussion from Monday 24th October. It’s a new era.

Release the painful memories about property, relatives, your city or country on the dazzling New Moon of Sunday 30th October. Make a wish.


Big projects and huge ideas start in small ways, so write some notes or take screen shots near Halloween. By 2018 you’ll be so glad you did.

Near Sunday 16th October you’ll wrestle with one of the biggest financial, property or business questions of 2016. It’s worth your time.

You will improve your money situation in stages, starting on 1st October and peaking with a landmark decision mid-month which helps 2017.

Your family, home, household, town, country or property interests have failed to show you any answers. Now, they are coming. Expect changes.

Did you know that you could make a sizeable difference to fundraising, charities or non-profit organisations? It brings luck money cannot buy.


Two words – freedom and independence – explain everything about your former, current or potential partner this month. Give yourself time.

Avoid the Full Moon near Sunday 16th October for battles, love matches, relationship repair or partnership plans as there are far easier times.

You will be overjoyed with your new look, online relaunch, wonderful personal publicity, or refreshed reputation near October 11th.

Try to put the financial, property or business strain of 2013-2015 behind you at Halloween as it is the ideal time to release the past – at last.

You will make or save a lot of money from October 2017 and be in a superior position in 2018 partly as a result of discoveries made now.


Being in your own skin was very hard from 2013-2015, yet the Sun’s move into Scorpio, your own sign, promises a renaissance and rebirth ahead.

Your biggest advantage in life comes from operating behind the scenes or covering up a secret, as you will see close to October 11th.

Near Sunday 16th October the Full Moon suggests inner conflict or real-world obstacles with work, university or unpaid work. Pull back.

Your own body is teaching you about two powerful things – freedom and independence. Achieving this is complicated but worth it.

Step back from yourself from the final week of October and view yourself as a brand. How will you sell yourself from your birthday next year?


A new friend or old friend proves to be the gift that goes on giving in the middle of October as friendship matters even more than love.

The group you join or make a new commitment to now will help you more than you can imagine by this time next year. People power works.

Keeping a secret or operating behind the scenes stretched your powers of endurance from 2013-2015 but Halloween lets you move on. At last!

Babies, children, teenagers or the lovers who open the gate to that world, suggest the need for more time and thought near October 16th.

Saturn in Sagittarius has only shown you questions without answers, where your image is concerned, but a welcome new angle is coming.


Accept or give invitations near Halloween as you will be stunned at how much better you feel about your social life, groups or certain friends.

You were taught a very hard lesson about belonging to a team, club, society or other network in 2013-2015 but you can let the past go.

Fantastic opportunities for success are all around you in the second and third week of October. This is your personal Everest so climb.

The burden you carry about covering up a secret or operating out of sight, will ease considerably now as you are shown a new point of view.

Avoid the Full Moon period near October 16th for major decisions about your family, home, town, country, household or property. It’s hard work.


You have been living with unavoidable facts about your friend and the group for months. Now you can see things differently. At last.

Stunning success from October 2017 and a wonderful role or project in 2018 begin in a small way now. Plant an acorn near Halloween.

The Full Moon near Sunday October 16th is not the easiest time to pursue internet, multimedia, publishing, computer or educational priorities.

Fantastic and fated developments will change your travel plans in 2016 or 2017 in the middle of October as you realise what a little luck can do.

If you have always wanted to return to study, write, publish or teach watch the internet and media for big opportunities near October 11th.


This is the most important month of the year for your money, property, business, charity or possessions. Get the best advice you can afford.

You will welcome more income or bigger savings next year, as a result of smart choices made near the 11th. Skip the 16th, though. It’s hard work.

There have been no easy or fast answers to that heavy question about your career, unpaid work or degree. Now, at least, you have a fresh angle.

One of the greatest favours you can do yourself, between now and May 2018, is put a pounds and pence value on your own freedom.

From the 7th, the final detail in a never-ending story involving your former, current or potential partner can be written. The state of flux is over.

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