Astrologer Jessica Adams predicts your stars for June 2016

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Your internet, multimedia, publishing or education priorities peak near the 5th then go through a pinball machine. Work it.
Mercury Retrograde in your shopping, money, business, property and charity sector has been face-palm, but from the 7th life is normal.
Your biggest and best love and sex answers in 12 years arrive from October with sneak previews of the key players or issues now.
What you cover up, or what you do with no recognition, has become confusing and confused by the 18th. Pursue clarity.
Excellent work and lifestyle past life karma comes back to you near Monday 20th June in a rare pattern. Solution? Yes. Opportunity? Absolutely.


Just keep ploughing through this challenging money, property or business cycle and lean on expertise and experience. Others have been there before you.
Babies, children or younger adults (20 years or more your junior) are the key. This key opens a wonderful door, repeatedly, until September.
The stop-start progress with your look, name, image, brand or profile will be over on 7th June.
Fantastic job, unpaid work, education or full-time parenting prospects roll from October with sneak previews near 12th June.
Friends and groups of all kinds need a firm hand and tight rein near the 18th. Boundaries is the word that means a lot.


Your style, shape, profile, title, reputation or face needs persistence as it’s an obstacle course for weeks, but it’s no big deal.
Your trump card is your country, your home town, your house, your apartment, your household and/or your family. Play your hand near the 20th, 27th, 29th.
Secrets you hid, uncredited roles you played or more mysterious matters have led you on a zig-zag path for weeks. It ends June 7th.
Babies, children or younger adults will bring incredible rewards from October with previews now. Lovers who can bring them into your life may also count soon.
Some aspect of your career, degree, unpaid work or full-time parenting role is quite unreal and rather muddled. Steer yourself back to an anchor near the 18th.


You are ruled by the Moon so the New Moon in your zone of secrets, unseen efforts or inner mysteries near the 5th is a big deal. Fresh start! Do allow weeks to work this, though.
Mercury, the planet of communication and information, has held you up with friends or groups. Life moves forward near 7th June.
Renovations, a new home, good family news or a happy household plan leave you smiling from October with the first steps now. Even your town or country will feel more like home to you.
Your way with words, images or ideas (online or offline) is your key to so much, near 28th June. Use your good karma.
Organise and order what is happening with your internet life, education, publishing, foreigners, travel or new horizons miles away from you near the 18th when potential muddle peaks.


Friends or groups trigger a new beginning near Sunday 5th June but it’s an obstacle course until August – go cautiously.
Career, university, unpaid work or full-time parenting sorts itself out from Tuesday 7th June when matters are finally final.
A fantastic project involving the internet, the spoken word or images will skyrocket in October thanks to moves near the 12th.
Organise and control your money, house, business, charity, possessions or apartment near Saturday 18th. Stop the muddle.
Near Monday 20th June you have good money, property or shopping karma boomeranging back to you. Just say yes.


June and July will be obstacle courses for your career, unpaid work, full-time parenting or degree. That’s perfectly fine. Just keep jumping.
Your utterly splendid relaunch will pick up from where it left off last year, and leap ahead in the most flattering way, peaking near the 20th – more by September.
You will make or save a small fortune from October, thanks partly to the discoveries you make about your cash, house, flat, business or possessions now.
Your former, current or potential partner? Your enemy? The solution to everything is boundaries, and near the 18th you can impose them on yourself, him or her.
A circular situation affecting the way you travel, use the internet, study, teach, publish or write will end on the 7th when you finally know where you stand.


Give yourself a leisurely few weeks to sort out the publishing, travel, foreign, internet or education maze. A new path opens near the 5th but you’ll need to duck and dive.
A stunning relaunch begins in October when you have never looked so amazing or had so many reputation or profile boosters – into 2018. Tiny clues now.
Relax about all the replays, rescheduling, rehearsals and re-runs that happen with so many retrograde cycles affecting your money, property or business. It’s over by October.
Do yourself a favour near the 18th and step back from what has been happening with your workload, housework and body. Time for method, order and a little list.
Your secret magic in June is the role you play with no credit, or the hush-hush matter you cover up. It may also describe an esoteric inner mystery. Chase this. It works.


Rich as Croesus or poor as a church mouse, you are facing challenges with your money, property, company, shares, charity or possessions that only happen every 29 years. Seek expertise and experience. You’re not the only one.
Relief and release. You will finally know where you stand in every detail with your former, current or potential partner, from the 7th. Arch enemies and rivals too.
Stick closely with your friend, and the social circle or group which involves this very special person. Three times in June you will benefit from great good karma.
From October, you will be amazed at how much you gain on a project where you operate with no credit or recognition. Alternatively you will be operating undercover. Clues will appear now – say yes to everything.
The world of babies, children or younger adults (or maybe a lover who could make usher them in) is confused and confusing. Sort it, brilliantly, when the muddle peaks near the 18th.


Be kind to yourself and allow June and July to pass, before you call final judgement on your former, current or potential partner. Enemies too. Play the long game.
Pregnancy, babies, children or younger adults (born 20 years or more after you) suggest the need for a radical change and a massive compromise. Go with this. (The message also applies to lovers who could introduce these younger faces to your life).
You will be stunned at the way that a group of friends and acquaintances can change your life in such a marvellous way, from October. Hints and clues arrive now.
Near 18th June you can stem the tide where your relative, house, apartment, flatmate, landlady, builder, council or government is concerned. Be firm. This is about your place or your people!


The new chapter with your body or your working day, which is written near the 5th will be a long story, with quite a few edits – and work – by August. Keep going.
Stunning solutions and opportunities possible only every 12 years occur in June, tied to your need to travel, move, explore, or pursue education, the internet or publishing.
You will be thrilled with your new job, promotion, award or outstanding academic or business result by 2017, partly as a result of small seeds you sow near the 12th.
Babies, children, younger adults or serious lovers have kept you in a stop-start situation for weeks, yet from the 7th you will know where you stand.
The internet, smart phones, and even basic communication has left you all at sea by the 18th. Time to Get A Grip On Yourself (to quote The Stranglers). And others.


Allow a few leisurely weeks before you have found your way with travel, foreigners, education, publishing, the internet, local exploration and other new horizons.
You have been sent backwards and forwards with your house, family, apartment, flatmate, council or government for weeks. It’s over from 7th June.
A very special part of Great Britain, Europe, the Americas, Australasia or beyond will leap into view from October, with fantastic results by 2017. Signs appear now.
Near Saturday 18th June you are in a strong position if you want to shape, control and organise what has been going on with your money, business, charity, possessions or property.|
More money talk! You can make or save so much, in cash terms, if you snap up opportunities or answers when Jupiter is on your side, three times this month.


The fresh start with your relative, house, apartment, flatmate, live-in partner, local area or country near the 5th is not the whole story. Give yourself weeks to get this right.
Internet, travel, multimedia, transport, communication or other typical Mercury Retrograde concerns will be over, well and truly, from Tuesday 7th June.
You will be in an amazing financial or property position from October’s New Moon in Libra with sure signs near the Sunday 12th June.
Your title, role, name, position, persona, profile or appearance has become an increasingly fuzzy issue for weeks, yet near the 18th you can isolate the issue and nail it.
I have left the best until last. Your former, current or potential partner is at the heart of fabulous good karma in June. So is (weirdly) your enemy. Old past life credits come good.