My Week in Food: Clare Neill

8 September 2014
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My Week in Food: Clare Neill

I try to take a balanced approach to my diet.  Since having my daughter eating well has become even more important to make sure I’m at my best for her, and also to help me cope with the sleep-deprived nights!  My food ethos is to eat what makes we feel well and I generally try to eat organic as much as possible.  I don’t ban anything outright although I usually try to avoid wheat, dairy, sugar and processed foods as I don’t feel great on these.  I try to start every day with either a hot or cold water with lemon in it and then drink lots of water or coconut water throughout the day.  I also take Symprove Probiotic and Vitamin B12 spray by Better You.

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Breakfast: Black rice pudding with mango – this takes a while to prepare, so it’s perfect for a leisurely weekend breakfast, in this case enjoyed in the garden.

Mid morning snack: I spent the morning testing some new juice recipes so it was several different juices in the morning.

Lunch: Mixed bean salad with a green salad.

Afternoon snack: Some more juice from this morning!

Dinner: Raw courgette spaghetti with raw pesto and mushrooms, caprese salad and homemade slaw.  When I have more time at weekends I like to try more creative dishes.

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Breakfast: Scrambled egg with avocado and rye bread, Alka Green juice and Juice Shot No 1.  One of the benefits of owning Radiance is of course being able to have the juices all the time.  I’m loving our new juice shots and No 2 is definitely my favourite, with its fiery hit of ginger and turmeric.

Lunch: Leftover slaw with alfalfa sprouts, tomatoes drizzled with olive oil, cucumber and hummus.

Afternoon snack: Some raw chocolate from the ‘The Art of Eating Well’ by Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley – I’m obsessed with this book at the moment. The chocolate is delicious.

Dinner: Quinoa and mushroom risotto balls with a herb dip, plus a courgette salad all also from the ‘The Art of Eating Well’, and a mixed salad with mixed sprouts.

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Breakfast: Green smoothie of Jax Coco coconut water, avocado, cucumber, mint and lime, with Naturya spirulina and chlorella.

Lunch: Garden salad with gluten free sourdough.  This was especially lovely as all the ingredients were home-grown by my sister in law.  Plus I’m really lucky as the bread is from a local bakery (The Hill Bakery - that delivers.

Afternoon snack: Our Summer Punch juice and some almonds.

Dinner: Sweet potato wedges, feta salad and homemade guacamole.

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Breakfast: Scrambled egg, avocado, mushrooms and tomatoes.

Lunch: Corn on the cob with olive oil with some avocado on rye bread.

Afternoon snack: Some watermelon that I was chopping up as part of my daughter’s supper.

Dinner: Bean chilli with brown rice and salad of red cabbage, carrot, celery and raisins.

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Breakfast: Raw buckwheat chocolate chai porridge with our Cashew Milk – adapted from a recipe my sister sent me.

Lunch: Gingers Kitchen Spanish pearl barley and bean salad whilst out.

Afternoon snack: A Rise & Shine juice (new and exclusively at our collaboration with Avenue restaurant) and a Coconut Collaborative yoghurt back at the office.

Dinner: Pearl barley risotto with butternut squash, feta and sage.  Followed by a couple of pieces of the raw chocolate.

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Breakfast: Chia seed pudding with cashew milk and raspberries, plus a Vital Green juice. I love this breakfast as it can be prepared the night before and topped with fruit in the morning, so it’s really quick on a busy morning.

Lunch: Raw courgette noodles, with marinated mushrooms in a Thai style dressing (tamari, sesame oil, lime juice, ginger, chilli, garlic and lemongrass) with red peppers (I prepped some of this the night before as well to make things quicker).

Afternoon snack: Eat Love Raw bar and an apple.

Dinner: Mezze meal – falafel, baked aubergines with tomato, hummus, baked cauliflower in a tahini dressing, green salad with alfalfa sprouts.  My mum has arrived so making a bit of an effort for her - usually it’s something less complicated by Thursday! Two squares of Green & Blacks dark chocolate to follow.

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Breakfast: Raspberry smoothie (Jax Coco, raspberries, Amazing Grass, spinach, porridge oats, Aduna boabab powder, avocado) and a Juice Shot No 3

Lunch: Out for lunch with my mum and we shared two salads at the Blue Brick Café in East Dulwich, salad leaves, feta, walnuts and butternut squash and leaves, beetroot, fennel and apple. Amazing.

Afternoon snack: An apple and some almonds.

Dinner: Lemon chicken kebabs with Greek salad and home-made Baba Ganoush.  As it was my husband’s birthday I also made raw berry tarts for dessert.