My Week in Food: Georgie Cleeve

31 August 2015
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My Week in Food: Georgie Cleeve

Combining her love for nutrition and skincare, Georgie founded OSKIA at the end of 2009. Priding itself on its use of 98% natural ingredients and wonder skin nutrient MSM, OSKIA is stocked in Space NK, online and now Selfridges. Here the entrepreneur and Mum of two shares her week on a plate...

I absolutely adore food. Having grown up on a farm (the best childhood imaginable), been a food editor for the best part of seven years and now the founder of a nutritional skincare brand, I have a very good relationship with food and I’m yet to find anything I dislike - apart from Angel’s Delight, a throwback from 80s school dinners. I firmly believe food is the body’s best medicine and believe in the philosophy of everything in moderation. I haven’t chosen to cut out meat, but find I eat less of it. When I do eat it, it has to be red as my iron levels can get low. We’re a Friesian Cow-free house; I drink unpasteurised brown cow milk and the children drink goat milk. I’m not so great on fruit, unless I’m abroad where the taste is incomparable to what we get in the UK. I buy either organic or local farm produce and I’m lucky enough to grow quite a bit in my gardens in London and Wales. My days are never the same and I’m out of the office quite a bit, so breakfast is my most important meal as it’s the only meal I can fully control, and I love big family breakfasts.

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First thing: Before anything passes my lips I have a cup of warm water, lemon juice and ginger to rehydrate from the night (the body absorbs warm water better than hot or cold) and to kick start my digestion. Then I take a liquid probiotic, a shot of liquid chlorophyll (yes it tastes yuck) and 1000mg of OSKIA Pure MSM. Then we all sit down to a proper noisy family breakfast together.

Breakfast: Mashed avocados on fermented rye bread with poached egg, chili, lemon juice, chia seeds and lots of coriander served with a fresh mint tea.

I haven’t eaten cereal for years and I’m obsessed with avocados – the best beauty boosting food there is. I then take my eldest to school and run to the office.

Snack: Cucumber Coolie juice (cucumber, broccoli, parsley and mint juice with crushed ice).

It’s boiling hot outside already and this is really cooling after a run.

Lunch: Watermelon, feta and mint salad and some cold smoked duck.

Again it’s a boiling hot day and watermelon is full of micro-nutrients, lycopene and is very thirst quenching. I also drink Chia Water throughout the day. It looks like frogs-spawn, but I don’t drink enough water and these little black seeds of goodness hold ten times their weight in water so they are an extra hydration boost. They are also rich Omega 3 which is the precursor to Resolvins – the chemical in charge of the anti-inflammatory process – and inflammation is the biggest cause of skin and health damage.

Snack: Red Pepper.

I don’t really snack, but if I’m peckish I will grab nuts or a red pepper. I’ve had a few odd looks when out, but they’re better than an apple and rich in all important lycopene which, at this time of year, is important to eat as it protects your skin against UV and free-radicals.

Dinner: Lemongrass and chilli sea bass, roast peppers with garlic and tomatoes and fresh new potatoes from the garden.

Fresh mint tea before bed.

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First thing: Warm water, lots of lemon, honey and turmeric. I’m feeling a little under the weather today and turmeric is a brilliant anti-inflammatory. Liquid probiotic, a shot of liquid chlorophyll & 1000mg of OSKIA Pure MSM. Shot of ginger and apple. Massive energy boost to clear my foggy head which works.

Breakfast: Spicy tomato, spinach, chilli, egg. This dish is so popular now, which isn’t surprising as it tastes delicious, is full of goodness and sets me up for the day. I also have a green juice made with kale, lemon, avocado, pear.

Snack: Pickled/fermented garlic cloves. A great anti-bacterial and the pickling rids the pungent smell. I make these at home and they last for months.

Lunch: We have full team in the office today, so lunch is outside in the office garden. We have Thai prawn summer rolls with homemade chili & date jam, hummus and guacamole. We drink mint & lemon water and have freshly grilled peaches drizzled with honey and a few squares of dark chocolate afterwards.

Snack: I grab some rye bread with mashed avocado and a hand full of brazil nuts before heading out to an event.

Dinner: Beetroot, tomato and cumin soup.  I didn’t get home until late and I’m very hungry.

This delicious, quick soup (which I made over the weekend) fills me up without working the digestive system too hard before bed. I also have a banana.

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First thing: Ginger, lemon & turmeric shot. My youngest has been up since 4am, and I’d adore a strong coffee but I’ve given up (which my tummy has thanked me for) so this does the job! A bit later on I have my warm water and lemon and my usual supplements.

Breakfast: Avocados on toast at Tanya’s – I have a breakfast meeting today and obsessed with the Chia Latte at Tanya’s off Draycott Avenue.

Lunch: I’m out over lunch so grab a falafel wrap and some coconut water from Whole Foods.

Snack: I’m back in the office and craving something sweet so it’s papaya with dried chili flakes and lime juice.

Dinner: Lamb with roast peppers, tomatoes & fresh new potatoes.  I don’t usually eat white potatoes as sweet potatoes are our staple as they are packed with nutrients. However, I’ve inherited potato plants in our new garden and it would be a shame not to eat them.

Dessert: Blackcurrant ice cream. Coconut yoghurt and my own grown blackcurrants, plus a squeeze of honey whizzed in a blender then frozen.

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Breakfast: Baked egg on top of spicy tomato and spinach base. I also have an energy boost smoothie (strawberries, bananas, flaxseeds, chia, coconut milk, raw oats), as I’m off to yoga followed by a run before work.

Lunch: Pan fried Mackerel and tomato.

Snack: A few homemade matcha energy balls before Pilates.

Dinner: One pot Thai courgette noodle soup with pak choi, turbot, lime, chili and coriander. This is the quickest, simplest and yummiest supper. It’s actually exceptionally light, but really filling and perfect after a workout. I have homemade concentrated fish and bone stock cubes in the freezer and use a cube of the fish stock with hot water for this dish. Yummy!

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Breakfast: Two boiled eggs.

Lunch: Brie and Truffle starter, followed by fresh salmon and dill. When it’s boiling in the summer, the office get to go home early. I can’t bear the thought of anyone on hot stuffy tubes and it’s too good a day to be sitting inside. As a treat, George and I go out for lunch together which is rare. What is even rarer, is that I’ve been tempted by the Brie and Truffle starter. So naughty but SO nice and it’s only once in a blue moon I’ll eat cow cheese.

Dinner: Roast salmon, roast sweet potatoes with chili, roast mixed veg (courgettes, onions, red peppers, garlic, coconut oil and a rocket Salad. Two glasses of red wine. This is our staple supper which I never seem to bore of.

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First thing: Warm water and lemon, the usual supplements, then rye bread with homemade hazelnut & cacao butter. I grab a few homemade Matcha and cashew nut energy balls for the car on my way to Hyde Park for Pilates.

Brunch: Buckwheat pancakes with pomegranate and avocados on toast with tomatoes and mushroom.

I’ve had the most glorious morning doing Pilates in Hyde Park with Ruth Tongue and then brunch at  Raw @ La Suite  where I gave a little talk on skin nutrition.

Snack: Banana and blueberry ‘nice cream’ in a cone. I get home to join my children’s pudding.  My children adore ice-cream, like them all, but this is basically whizzed up whole fruit and a little organic yoghurt so they get a good fruit boost without knowing it. I haven’t found a healthy alternative to the cones yet.

Dinner: Homemade pizza with hummus, fresh tomatoes, goat cheese, artichokes, mushrooms.

None of my family have an issue with gluten, so I don’t cut it out for the sake of it, but we do experiment with different grains, flours and of course the famous cauliflower base - everyone chooses their own.

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Breakfast: Buckwheat pancakes with blueberries, black currents, coconut yoghurt and honey.

Lunch: Roast chicken with asparagus, fennel and pomegranate salad, sweet potato chips and pea shoot, avocados and radish salad.

Dessert: Chocolate & banana moose.

This is very quick to make: cocoa powder, a few dates, half an avocado, banana, and teaspoon of coconut oil. I then sprinkle then with chia seeds and raspberries. Don’t forget to add the dates, which I did the first time I made this up, as it hides the avocado taste, which whatever anyone says, doesn’t sit well with these flavours.

Dinner: Asparagus, fennel and broccoli griddled salad. Cup of warm water to rehydrate.

Before bed: Sleep smoothie (warm milk, raw oats, banana and honey).

Packed with sleep promoting benefits, this helps me relax and sleep easier in the evening, due to the mixture of proteins and carbohydrates which help to release serotonin and tryptophan.