My Week in Food: Nick Higgins

22 September 2014
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Nick Higgins: My food diary

As you’ll see my diet is mainly made up of the green stuff! It’s all about getting as many nutrients as I can into my body. I don't eat much meat, but do eat a decent amount of fish, for the necessary oils and to keep my brain healthy.

Breads and pastas are kept to a minimum, especially during the day as they slow me down mentally, stodge me up and fundamentally have very little nutrient value. Spending hours cooking is not something I can do, so supper time as you can see is where the small tree of life i.e. broccoli comes to play; after a quick steam, mix with other high nutrient veg as it contains a good amount of protein too. It allows me to stay lean, have good muscle balance, high energy and be mentally at my best.

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Breakfast: Greek yoghurt, strawberries, bananas, brazil nuts, almonds and honey.

Lunch: Avocado, cucumber, tomato, feta and humous with a little extra virgin oil.

Snack: Mixed fruit and nuts from Sainsburys

Supper: Mashed sweet potato, broccoli, thinly sliced courgette and coriander with chili, tomato and feta.

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Breakfast:  Omelette, with avocado and soft cheese with flat bread.

Lunch: Trout with freekeh.

Supper: Kale, Snap peas, Long stem broccoli, tomato, boiled eggs, lemon juice, chilli and extra virgin oil.

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Breakfast: Bananas, grapes, raspberries, Greek yogurt, a little muesli, and honey.

Lunch: Chicken, rocket, couscous and humous.

Snack: Bananas and nuts.

Supper: Salmon, broad beans, spinach and tomato.

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Breakfast: Poached egg, avocado, chilli, sourdough bread.

Lunch:  Itsu chargrilled chicken noodles.

Snack: Peaches, nectarines and tangerines.

Supper: Broccoli, kale, cucumber, chilli, ginger soup.

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Breakfast: Yoghurt, fruit, nuts and honey

Lunch: Peas, broad beans, pomegranate, and dill

Snack: Lots of nuts

Supper: Broccoli, avocado, tomato and feta