This week Kerry Potter has been mostly pretending to be Mo Farah, necking a miracle supplement and creating the gleamiest cheeks you’ll see this summer. Check out her favourite new fitness, beauty and wellbeing picks

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One of the joys about working at Get The Gloss (apart from the superlative office snacks) is that I get to try out and test so many exciting new different products and services, all designed to boost health, fitness and wellbeing. No two days are the same – this week I’ve been sweating at a new fitness class, poring over the best wellbeing book I’ve been sent in ages and channelling Sir Mo Farah in my workout recovery rituals (well, in my dreams – I ran 10k not 10 miles).

I only share the best of the best new stuff out there – if it’s rubbish, ridiculously woo-woo or a waste of money, I won’t darken your door with it. Want to see what made the cut? Here are a few of new favourite wellbeing things…

Read this, live your best midlife

I’m usually a bit suspicious of lifestyle gurus but Liz Earle’s new book A Better Second Half, £17.79, ticks all the boxes for me: she’s a former journalist so this is meticulously researched. And I like the older, wiser sister vibes. Plus her tips are actually achievable for busy women - she’s brought up five children while building her career so if she can fit this stuff in, so can I. An uplifting guide to how to live your best (healthiest) life over 40, it covers everything from how to eat organic on a budget to the truth about the latest trending supplements to easy wellbeing rituals to include in your daily routine.


The affordable health MOT

Over-40s are offered an NHS general health check once every five years but it’s not very thorough – to be fair, the service is so stretched, preventative health isn’t a priority. Plugging the gap are private health screenings, many of which are prohibitively expensive. But not One5 Health, founded by Dr Gaurav Sabharwal, a former NHS GP, and sports and lifestyle medicine expert. It has three London clinics plus an online service. The Well Woman check is £250 and I found it hugely useful. I had a 30-minute slot with an (excellent) private GP who ran a slew of tests (including hormones) and appraised my health, plus a follow-up 15-minute video call to talk through my results. You can bolt on fertility and cancer screenings if those are concerns. For me, the blood test uncovered an iron deficiency and there was some gentle real talk about my body fat percentage creeping up. It’s a slick operation that’s helped me recalibrate my health and fitness goals.


It’s getting hot in here – why you should try infrared Pilates

Infrared saunas are hot right now (literally). Pilates is also hot and together, they are Infrared Pilates, which I tried at the chic Heartcore studio in Bayswater,  London. It’s a mat-based class with infrared wall panels that gently warmed my limbs – like sunshine but without the skin cancer risk - and helped my muscles stretch that bit further. If you’re a former Bikram yoga obsessive like me, you’ll appreciate this more sedate, less sweaty take (the room reaches 30 degrees Celsius,  Bikram is 40). Not in London? Nag your local Pilates studio to install the kit. A Heartcore infrared class costs £25 or there’s a welcome offer of three for £45.


Tough workout? Mo Farah can help

As the most successful distance runner of all time, Sir Mo Farah knows a thing or two about recovery. So if he says his new range of magnesium bath salts, £6.99 and shower gels, £5.99, a collaboration with Mode Sport, will banish post-training jelly legs, who am I to disagree?  The packaging isn’t going to look sexy on your bathroom shelf but they smell delicious (the pomegranate noir is surprisingly sophisticated) and are well priced. The barley and mango flavour salts and gel are aimed at mini athletes in your life, suitable for children aged 3+ - I think I’ve finally found a way to get my filthy footballer son to have a bath.


The perfect summer highlighter

My makeup bag is increasingly dominated by Merit – the low-key, minimalist LA brand just seems to get it right every time. I like the fact that it’s not shouty or show-offy, it just makes my face look marginally better each morning - like a slightly cooler Bobbi Brown. Case in point: the Merit Day Glow Highlighting Balm, £34, in new summer shade Solstice. This bronzing highlighter stick adds just the right amount of gleam, is a cinch to apply and blend, and contains squalane to keeps my cheeks moisturised.


New nudes that totally nail it

I love a sheer, natural nail shade for my DIY manicures – subtler colours are far more forgiving of my shonky brush skills. So hurray for nail king Leighton Denny’s new Supernatural Nudes collection, comprising the palest pink, taupe and lilac (£12.50 each or £30 for the set). All three shades are deeply chic, have a wet-look finish and last ages, despite the substandard manicurist wielding them.


The miracle sachet that’ll perk you up (or kill your hangover)

During a recent weekend away for a terrifyingly hedonistic birthday bash, the morning after I got my bleary-eyed party pals to try a shot of these new rose-flavoured Humantra electrolytes, £30 for 20 sachets. I can report they certainly do the trick for hangovers. I’m a fan of electrolytes' benefits for more wholesome reasons too – mix this sachet of powder with your morning glass of water to add a spring to your step and help with focus. The unusual rose flavour is a nod to the Arabic heritage of Humantra investor Mona Kattan, sister of beauty guru Huda – she uses it to stay hydrated while fasting during Ramadan.


The best balayage in town

My hair is more damaged than the Roy family in Succession due to decades of dousing with bleach. So thank goodness for the gentle touch of Shady at Beauty Club London. The talented young Lebanese colourist uses a balayage technique that involves gently backcombing each section of hair to push the dry, damaged bits out of the way before colouring the healthy hair. It’s not cheap (from £375) but my colour is expertly graduated, the condition much improved and it shines in a way I didn’t think possible with blonde hair.


The planet-friendly shower cleanse

I’m very keen to reduce the amount of plastic waste in my bathroom but still find it hard to track down eco products that really hit the spot. This Sbtrct Daily Body Cleanse bar, £14, the independent British brand’s first body product, does just that. With coconut and rosehip seed oil, it’s far creamier, moisturising and luxe than I was expecting. As for the fragrance, it’s inspired by my new favourite hobby Japanese forest bathing and is totally divine, with notes of pine needles, cedar, frankincense and patchouli. What’s more, it lasts absolutely ages.