Are your extra pounds hanging around like a bad smell? A new weight loss fad reckons your nose could be the answer. Katie Robertson reports

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So here’s us thinking we had just about run out of ridiculous ways to lose weight and people were finally seeing sense… WRONG. Enter business woman Alex Fontaine who has created a nasal spray that gives off a foul combination of sewage, skunk and mothball smells to curb cravings and suspend the snacking.

Based on the long understood association between smell and appetite, this pongy little pot is designed to put you off food altogether, allowing you to go longer without meals. So not only does it sound utterly disgusting and massively anti-social, it’s also downright unhealthy!

It’s not just us who thinks so either - leading expert Professor Tim Jacob from Cardiff University’s School of Biosciences believes that whilst in the short term this product may periodically put people off eating, in the long-term ‘humans adapt to bad smells quite quickly’ and so eventually the effects would no longer prevent burgeoning appetites. Who knows, you might even start to live the smell of sewage. Perish the thought.

We’ve heard and smelt enough - we’d rather pop down to the gym or enjoy a nutritious salad to keep ourselves tucked and trim than starve and be constantly surrounded by a bad smell. Eau de Stink will not be on our wishlists any time soon…

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