If your diet motivation is failing this week, fear not - Clinical Hypnotherapist Terrence the Teacher is here to provide advice and inspiration

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He’s worked with anyone who's anyone in the fashion and beauty world: Clinical Hypnotherapist Terrence the Teacher is the go-to life guru for helping you through life’s lemons.

Using a combined process of hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Terrence seeks to change the way people view their issues and dilemmas, encouraging only a positive approach to life - which is what makes him so darn inspiring (and successful).

So, for those occasional down days when you’re just one hunger pang away from falling into the nearest chocolate cake, here are five of Terrence’s most motivating weight loss tips to keep you sharp, focused and on track for success.

1) Use your wonderful imagination and visualise every day that you are your goal, healthy weight : see it, believe it and you will achieve it.

2) Be clear about your goals - give yourself something to aim for!

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3) Make exercise your best friend. Call on it as often as possible.

4) Change your relationship with food, understand that it is a life force: Eat to live, don’t live to eat.

5) Start every day with one thought : To be better than you were yesterday!