Don’t let snacking become your diet downfall

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Is there such a thing as snacks that fill you up but are healthy too? It could be time to call off the search, because contrary to popular belief, there is.

If come tea time, you’re feeling tempted to take up your colleague’s offer of a slice of cake (darn birthdays), give your restraint the helping hand it needs by making sure you stock up on these healthy but hearty snacks in your desk drawer. We asked health, beauty and nutrition consultant and  Get The Gloss Expert   Karen Cummings-Palmer  for her top five healthy snacks for curbing the craving should you feel the urge to reach for something more naughty than nice when hunger strikes.

Simple, affordable and refreshingly easy to pronounce, it appears that better times lie ahead for both our bank balances and waistlines as long as we have these snack-time saviours close to hand.


“We have all heard about the health benefits of nuts," says Karen. "Good protein, good fat, but for those of us that are a little concerned about the 'moorish' issue, choose pistachios: they are naturally lower in calories than most other nuts, plus the action of having to break a shell slows us down - there is only so much cracking one can do in a single session!”

Try a handful of  Waitrose Love Life Organic Roasted Pistachios , £2.99 over your trusty bar of Galaxy.

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“The health benefits of these tiny fuel-filled seeds are seemingly endless. For a great 'gap-filler,' stir vigorously in a little liquid and leave to stand and expand for 3 minutes before drinking. It will help you avoid the biscuit tin and therefore 200 calories a day from now to the beach - game changing!”

Opt for a generous sprinkling of  RAW Health Organic Chia Seeds , £10.49 instead of your mid-afternoon latte.


“Olives are delicious and full of heart healthy fat.

“They are often a little salty so don't overdo it. Asking for a small bowl, as soon as you hit a restaurant or bar will keep you away from the bread or the crisps.”

Trade in your packet of Walkers for a few  Whole Kalamata Greek Olives , £1.99 for when you’re feeling peckish.

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"Berries are great and are packed with antioxidants for delicious nutrition. They are best eaten on an empty stomach in a proper bowl with a fork.

“As a general rule the more of a meal you make out of eating a snack, the better it will sustain you.”

Swap your packet of Maltesers with a helping of Waitrose Organic Blueberries , £4 instead.


“Popcorn is not the nutritious snack some people like to think it is, but we have to be practical and sometimes the movies just seem a little less satisfying without a snack.

“I make my own from organic popping corn sprinkled with a little Himalayan salt, (full of minerals and virtually free of any pollutants) and agave nectar because it is so much better than the snacks on offer both for my health and taste buds!”

Have  Profusion Himalayan Rose Pink Coarse Salt , £4.09 and  Biona Organic Agave Light Nectar , £3.29 on standby to make sure your cinema snack of choice is adequately seasoned ahead of showtime.