GTG caught up with David and Luise, the co-authors of healthy food blog Green Kitchen stories, to hear about their foodie journey so far and the inspirations behind their newest book, Green Kitchen Travels

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Running the award-winning healthy food blog Green Kitchen Stories, and with two recipe books under their belt, David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl are the super couple working to put vegetarianism back on the foodie map. Luise is a nutritional therapist and the recipe creator, with a passion for developing wheat-free and sugar-free recipes, while David is the photographer, food stylist and design-eye behind their work. With a philosophy of keeping food as simple and pure as possible, their books are the culmination of their healthy vegetarian recipes that use whole food and organic products to create tantalisingly tasty dishes.

Here, Cindy Palusamy, Founder of  The Juicery  talks to David about their newest book, Green Kitchen Travels, and about the inspirations that have led them along their delicious and nutritious journey so far.

CP: Where do you get your inspiration for what you do now?

D: I get so much inspiration from our two kids and Elsa in particular. At the moment, we talk a lot with her about food and vegetables and why we eat like we do. It is very motivating for me to explain to her about whole foods on a very basic level. Her questions has inspired us to focusing more on how to get everyone to eat better food and more vegetables at home, not just creating recipes for health nuts.

CP: What’s your super-food of choice?

D: Rose hip. It is very easy to find in Sweden and rose hip powder costs almost nothing in the stores. Great in smoothies, on porridge and in baked goods. And homemade rose hip soup is the bomb!

CP: Favorite foodie guilty pleasure?

D: My guilty pleasure is to ignore how much money I spent on fresh berries during the last couple of months. It’s one of the most delicious things I know and is only available during such a short period of time in Sweden.

CP: Favorite junk food you wish could be healthy?

D: I can’t actually think of anything at the moment. We have already made healthier versions of most of our favorite junk food: Falafel (oven baked), burgers (portobello mushroom), fries (sweet potato). No wait, I got it! When we are in Barcelona I always make one stop at this old Xurreria in Barri Gothic. Their Churros con Chocolate are insane! Probably the most unhealthy thing on earth and quite impossible to make a healthy version of. But when in Rome...

CP: Season of choice and why?

D: The last month of summer: So much good stuff are in season. The days are long. The weather is warm. And you still have energy to face the Autumn and long winter.

CP: Best juice/smoothie?

D: A rosehip and açai smoothie that I have been experimenting with lately. And the Turmeric Lassi that you can find in our new book!

CP: Favorite healthy hotspot?

D: Vietnam! I could drink fresh coconut and eat fresh springrolls and vegetable pho for life!

CP: Recipe of the moment?

D: Roasted Cauliflower Salad with dates and lentils. It’s a warm and protein rich salad with so much good stuff and sweetness from the dates – perfect food for this season.