Dr Hilary Jones reveals how clueless we Brits are about the common health condition - and how to reduce your chances of getting it

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There were gasps in the office when the latest research from Health Express popped up in our inboxes. It's estimated that a million Brits believe you can 'catch' diabetes from other people.

Dr Hilary Jones revealed the figures, as a poll of 2,000 people exposed the lack of knowledge about the health condition. Not only do they believe it is catching, but 37% think it is something only overweight people suffer with while nearly one in ten think they're safe because it 'doesn't run in their family'.

These myths that people have clung on to are so alarming that Dr Hilary is working to teach the UK about the condition and how you can prevent it. Starting with the four T's, he's demystifying the disease by calling on people to watch out for the tell-take signs: Toilet (having to go more often), Thin (unexplained weight loss), Thirsty (inexplicable thirst) and Tiredness.

While those are the early symptoms, there's plenty to do to reduce the chance of developing diabetes and that's where we Brits are falling down. Our lifestyles are not healthy; the poll showed that one in five of us are drinking at least one alcoholic drink a day, a quarter admit they never exercise and and over a quarter have at least one chocolate bar per day.

The disease affects almost three million British people though figures suggest it could be far more; many may have it without even realising. In this video Dr Hilary chats through the implications and symptoms of the condition in a bid to raise awareness - something we are clearly deficient in. Watch and learn.