This Thursday’s Horizon on BBC 2 looks set to tackle one of the wellness industry’s biggest talking points. Here’s why we’ll definitely be tuning in

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Are the claims of clean eating unfounded? The phenomenon, popularised by social media, is currently experiencing a backlash in its meaning, implications and in some cases, exploitation and scientist Dr Giles Yeo seeks to investigate the messages put forward by the go-to gurus of 'clean'.

From Deliciously Ella to the Hemsleys to Natasha Corrett, Dr Yeo provides his insight and opinion based on his background in science and work on obesity to assess whether cutting out certain food groups and adopting particular ways of eating can in fact, improve your health. From gluten-free to grain-free, alkaline to plant-based, he seeks clarification on a subject that has become distinctly murky in recent times.

His search takes him across the globe, interviewing the health figures who have helped build the momentum behind the clean eating movement. Unafraid to ask the most hard-hitting of questions, his quest sees him speaking to the author of The China Study, Professor Campbell (the 2 million copy bestseller that explores the relationship between animal products and chronic illnesses), as well as controversial figure Robert Young regarding his claims that an alkaline diet could help treat cancer. Examining pseudoscience vs science, promise vs proof, it’s a must-watch.

Horizon Clean Eating - The Dirty Truth airs Thursday 19th of January on BBC 2 at 9pm.