If you're in desperate need of a quick detox, Kiran Branch has found the perfect one-day cleanse to leave you refreshed and revitalised

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Here at Glossy Towers we're firm advocates of the 'day of rest' principle. While we're not alluding to the biblical variety here, it is definitely something the Glossys see as gospel. If you're anything like us, your attempts at treating your body like a temple are sometimes (read: often) thwarted. Lately, when our attempts to remove refined sugar and processed, unhealthy foods from our diet are all going hideously awry (usually post-weekend) we seek support from a higher power in the form of the Radiance Rest Day Cleanse.

Renowned for delicious, raw and unpasteurized, nutrient-dense cold-pressed juices, Radiance offers a superb treatment menu of single day juice cleanses designed to nourish the body, allow the digestive system to rest and leave you feeling in optimum health. As Radiance deliberately leaves the fibre out of these juices, they require minimum effort from your digestive system yet contain high levels of nutrients and no fillers. This effectively means that nutrients enter the bloodstream very rapidly, making the juice cleanse a gentle but powerful alkalizer and detoxifier.

The latest addition to the Radiance Rest Day Cleanse menu is the Pure Greens Rest Day , £90, which comprises of six 500ml juices each made with a carefully considered combination of deeply detoxifying greens. This low sugar option is ideal for those with a sluggish digestive system, skin complaints and sugar cravings. Considering the superfood properties of many green vegetables, it’s unsurprising that the Pure Greens Rest Day Cleanse always leaves us feeling sprightly as well as saintly. Praise be to Radiance.