If you're on a low-carb diet and struggle to keep track of what's in your food, this app is just the thing writes Katie Robertson

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With the recent raising of awareness on the subject of healthy eating, there has been a whole unearthing of foods that we were previously unaware contained carbohydrates. Besides the obvious potatoes, bread and rice, it seems beans, chickpeas and even fruit are the latest to join the list of carb carriers. With this list ever-growing, the task of discerning which foods contain carbohydrates and what is a healthy amount to consume is becoming incredibly daunting and dismal indeed.

However, here at GTG we think we may have just found the solution that will remove all the stress and strife from your carbohydrate conundrums with the new app, Cook & Count Carbs.

Inspired by her son who suffers from Type 1 diabetes, Health Psychologist Deborah Wilder cleverly crafted this app after her and her family were faced with the often difficult dilemma of carbohydrate counting for every meal. Like many people in Britain, the family thought they had a healthy diet and knew lots about healthy eating but didn’t exactly know what carbohydrates were, let alone how much of them were in food and drinks.

With this huge gap in the market, Deborah set out to create an app that would allow people to count the carbohydrate content of home cooked food - and what a marvel it is. Both clear and simple, this app contains a whole host of healthy, helpful features including a database of nearly 2,000 foods for reference and the ability to create and store your own recipe book. Concealed carbs are officially a thing of the past.

While originally conceived to aid diabetes sufferers, this app can in fact be used for anyone and everyone looking to monitor a healthy diet - whether you’re a diabetes sufferer, starting out as a novice chef or a pro athlete looking to monitor dietary intake; this carb counter is an all-round nutritional wonder.

Available from iTunes, £3.99