Count the calories as you go and even scan your food to check its content with this new healthy eating app, writes Katie Robertson

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OK, so like most of womankind out there I make a pledge to start a new healthy eating and exercise regime every week in order to create the new, awesome, improved version of myself - but you know what it’s like. By lunchtime I’m gagging for my chocolate fix and quite frankly going for a run in the arctic English evenings will always come second best to Made in Chelsea and my oh-so-inviting sofabed.

However, I think my diet dilemmas may just be simplified by a new calorie counting app. Namely, Nutracheck. This super handy app has taken all the stresses and difficulties out of managing your weight; its no-frills organisation system helps you to stay food and fitness focused.

After inputting details such as your age, height and weight (groan) the app asks you to specify your goal weight and target date. Using this information the app then produces a comprehensive breakdown of your suggested daily calorie intake alongside a recommended level of exercise in order for you to reach your specific goal.

Helping you to get there is Nutracheck’s food database. It’s the largest of any app out there and it helps you to count calories and keep track of when you really can’t afford to have just one more chocolate finger.

For the food they don’t have stored they’ve got an in-built barcode scanner. Ingenious. Plus, if you’re having a down day you can always head to the Nutracheck forum where fellow app-users post their support, share healthy recipes or just provide general motivation to keep you feeling inspired as you journey ever closer to your super self.

The best part, however, is that you can trial it for five days for free followed by a small monthly fee afterwards for a full membership if you like it (£5.99 per month). That’s pretty cheap for the price of a new killer bod if you ask me...

It’s the perfect app to help us busy girls keep on top of our dieting dramas, so get counting and we’ll meet you and your improved self at the finish line!

Available for free on iTunes here.