An alternative route to weight loss and enlightenment

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What Does It Do?

It uses hypno-therapeutic audio tracks, that through the use of positive suggestion and neuro-linguistic programming techniques, help people to lose weight and improve on their overall happiness and self acceptance.

Using beautiful illustrations the app is designed as a 14 day journey (just 10-15 minutes a day), geared towards changing your attitude towards weight loss. Each day you take another step along the journey, growing, learning and hopefully shrinking.

Daily ‘toots’ of short, sharp and poignant motivation are also sent out to keep you stable, focused and away from the chocolate fudge cake.

Why Do We Love It?

Because the goals are clear, achievable and most importantly of all, sustainable - by changing your attitude towards weight loss, Terrence also alters your perception towards food in general and your body image. This isn’t just an app, it’s a life-long mental investment.

Plus, Christian Louboutin referred to him as the ‘ideal teacher’ and named his first trainer design after him, but we’re not shallow or anything.

Why Do We Need It?

It’s pure, unadulterated yoda-like support in your back pocket. Terrence and his app are the stable and unbiased best friend you always needed - nothing is right or wrong and he never strives for perfection.

Available on itunes , £8.99