All-round wellness guru and therapist at Grace Belgravia reveals her path to success…

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From living with monks in the Himalayas to working with Mother Theresa, Padma’s  spiritual experience is extensive and varied. Having travelled the world with her work she is now settled in London. Working from the Grace Belgravia  and in clients homes, Padma uses a range of different therapies from meditation to spiritual card reading to reach life-changing results. Read on to find out how she got where she is today...

Why did you decide to specialize in Holistic Lifestyle and Wellness?

Yoga, meditation and positive energy work was part of my upbringing and heritage. It has always been an effortless way of living and thinking for me. I moved into the celebrity, entertainment  and fashion world and realized even more how important it was to have joy and health in our lives. We are all looking for answers and the only proven way with no side effects has been the route I am pursuing now.

When was your big break?

My doubts of my lifestyle were raised when I worked with Mother Teresa and saw how meaningful her life was. My first big "AHA" was when I travelled with Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and many other wellness gurus in 1998  to Australia and the next  reminder was in 2003-4  when my body started to protest with my lifestyle. My definitive move was when I lived with monks in the Himalayas.

What does an average day look like for you (if there ever is one?!)

London is a new destination for me so I am busy getting to live, eat, breathe London and integrate and understand how things work. I am busy settling in! Life here is so structured and compartmentalised. I like fluidity in the thought process with discipline in the practical world and I would love to introduce this here - when it is the other way around we get stressed.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love the fact that with every person I meet I realize we are all looking for the same thing: acceptance, love, understanding, joy and peace. I love when I see someone's eyes light up when they find their answers… sometimes eyes cloud up .. either way they see the truth and that liberates me.

Are there any aspects of your job that you find challenging?

When I find people struggle to face the truth. I need to remind people it is like surgery - we have to cut up to clean and heal. Short term pain for long term gain as I call it. If we pass this hurdle, the results are astounding .

What's the most common question you get asked by clients?

I am a tough case…

How can I feel better if I am in this situation?

Are you sure?

This is not possible

What's your team 'me'? Who do you rely on to keep you happy, healthy and sane?

I have amazing mentors who I turn to for wisdom, strength and answers. I speak every week since 1995 to one of them and I have a band of eight close knit ‘spiritual  chosen family’ I speak to every week on conference calls. I also have two others I speak every three weeks - this keeps me grounded and focused. I plan to start this “ discreet open door communication" in London for a sense of belonging and nurturing.  What gives me joy and purpose is my teenage son. He propels me to give my best shot by just being born to me. I  am grateful for his presence in my life .

How is your industry changing?

Rapidly and all for the good. People are beginning to understand positive energy versus negative energy and how it can affect lives, businesses, families, individuals. To be healthy financially, emotionally, physically and mentally we need to be surrounding ourselves with positivity.