We caught up with the founders of the juice brand for a quick-fire round of career questions

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Riding the wave of the cold-pressed juice trend, Lily and Meryl met at uni in the U.S before moving to the Big Smoke and deciding to set up Imbibery London. Creating a brand that offers easy access to cold-pressed juice without enforcing tough detox cleanses, their nutrient-rich drinks have become a firm favourite around the city. Here we asked the women behind the brand to share a few insights into what makes them tick…

Hit the snooze button or up-and-at-em?

Up and at em!

What does your company do in under 10 words?

We make the best organic, raw, cold-pressed juices in the UK.

Best piece of work advice you ever had?

You can only do by doing (in other words, don't over think it, just get started!).

Name three things in your working week you love doing?

1) drinking juice
2) strategising and innovating
3) interacting with clients when we visit our various stockists

What are the 3 things you do every day before breakfast?

1) drink warm water with our 100% Lemon Shot, and then another 1/2 litre of water
2) Meditate
3) Dry brush

What do you love about your job?

Everything! We love that we really help people and have turned them on to a healthy lifestyle. We love drinking our juice. And we love working together.

Photography: Sarah Lincoln

What’s cooking for work lunch?

It varies but definitely involves avocado.

How do you stay organised?

Lots of lists.

Typical work attire?

Leggings, sweatshirt, sports bra. Just kidding - kind of! Jeans or leather pants, a sweater or blazer, and a pair of slides.

Name one beauty product you use every day and why?

To us, our juice really is the ultimate beauty product. What you put in your body is the first line of defence. So we don't go a day without a green variety. We also love and both use Pai's Rosehip Oil, £22.

Heels or flats, and why?

Flats, specifically sneakers so we can run around all day, of course they're super comfortable but we also think they're super chic and love what all the different brands are doing.

What's your favourite way to relax?

We love to get a workout in everyday. While it may not be physically relaxing, it really helps us relax our minds, which is what we need most.

Worst job you ever had?

I once had to remove paint off a model's legs using vodka because there was no paint remover. I was on my knees for a half an hour. It was mortifying.

Notepad or iNotes?


Yoga, pilates or HIIT and why?

Spin! Because once you clip in you can't clip out. And you can just zone out, groove to the music, and sweat!

Who is your idol or mentor, career-wise?

Gosh! This is so cheesy, but each other. We so admire the others' perspective and insight. She's not our mentor as we don't know her personally (sigh), but we both think Gwyneth is pretty rad and are in awe of what she's done with Goop for making wellness and lifestyle more accessible, and really started a dialogue on usually uncomfortable subjects.

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