Ease the post-party pain with a healthy and ever so slightly tropical drink from Cocoface, writes Ayesha Muttucumaru

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It’s New Year’s Day and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably huddled up in the depths of your duvet feeling like you’re dying a slow and painful (albeit self-inflicted) death after last night’s festivities. 2014 hasn’t started off exactly as I would have hoped.

While we can’t provide an instant fry-up, a Maccie D’s or a quick-fire way to dissolve your banging headache (we’d be millionaires if we could), we can recommend a New Year’s tipple that won’t tip you over the edge instead: a refreshing Cocoface coconut,  £2.99.

While the debate on coconut water can sometimes get a little heated here at GTG HQ (see our editors battling it out here ), we can’t deny its health benefits. Shown to reduce high blood pressure, aid weight loss, strengthen the immune system, increase energy levels and promote healthy skin, in a nutshell it’s worth sucking it up. Literally.

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The first open coconut company in the UK, Cocoface has earned a legion of fans since launching due to its collection of coconuts’ unique packaging and flavoursome taste. Grown and imported in a region of South Thailand that’s reputed to produce the most desirable fruits in South East Asia because of the supreme air and water quality, it’s no surprise that the Glossy Posse went coco-nutty for them when they arrived at our doorstep last week.

100% natural and unpasteurised, the flavour and integrity of the water and flesh are kept fully intact so that you can not only drink up, but also tuck into the tender, juicy flesh contained within. Use the handy CocoTap  to pierce a hole into the coconut, a CocoCut to cut open the top or more heavy duty kitchenwear to open multiple coconuts ( see how-to here ).

As versatile as it is great tasting, you can even take inspiration from our launch party with Chanel  earlier this year and mix with rum for a tasty treat to toast the end of Banuary with. Sorry, didn’t mean to bring up alcohol. We wouldn’t blame you if it was the furthest thing from your mind right now.